Incredible moment 80-year-old hiker who was missing for four days turns up at press conference where family who feared he was dead were making desperate appeal to find him

Speaking by a roaring fire today, Mr Harvey, who worked at a Wallsend shipyard, told a press conference he had ‘three grand days’ camping out on the mist-shrouded moors and insisted that he had been in no danger. He had set off to walk through Swaledale with a friend but they became separated in a […]

Stella Immanuel’s Hometown Explains An Old Belief on Sex, Demons And Illnesses

According to a number of former residents of Bali, who spoke to The Daily Beast in the Nigerian border town of Ikom, where many Cameroonians live, up till the early ’80s, the period Dr. Immanuel finished up her secondary education in Bali, women in the Cameroonian town were sometimes publicly shamed and sent back to […]

Lewis Hamilton is mocked for saying he’ll cut his carbon footprint with new £80,000 top-of-the-range electric Mercedes (to add to the other 12 cars in his garage)

‘Honestly I feel like giving up on everything. Shut down completely. Why bother when the world is such a mess and people don’t seem to care. I’m going to take a moment away to gather my thoughts. Thank you to those of you who do give a damn about the world.’

California wildfire becomes the largest in the state’s history as 103 blazes rage across the West Coast, killing seven people including a one-year-old boy

The phenomenon isn’t restricted to California. Doug Grafe, chief of Fire Protection at the Oregon Department of Forestry, said it was unprecedented in his state for fires this week to spread from the crest of the Cascade Mountains into the valleys below, and so quickly, ‘carrying tens of miles in one period of an afternoon […]

Bhanushali Building collapse: Survivors receive flats, only to be told they can’t live there

Nearly two months after becoming homeless, affected families still running pillar to post for accommodation. Twenty-one families that survived the collapse of the Bhanushali Building still don’t have a roof over their heads despite authorities’ claims that they have all been assigned temporary accommodations. Ten people died when a part of the 80-year-old building, which […]

How the aging immune system makes older people vulnerable to COVID-19

So far, little has been straightforward when it comes to treatments for COVID-19. Since it became clear that the virus sometimes provokes an out-of-control immune response, researchers have been testing whether reducing inflammation might help. Drugs that tamp down the levels of cytokines, like those used for treating rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, have […]

Grounded for years, the Lucid Air electric car is finally ready to fly

Lucid quotes a 517-miles maximum range for the Grand Touring model, which trounces the 402-mile maximum range of the Tesla Model S (in Long Range Plus form). However, Lucid’s range figure hasn’t been confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), although it does come from an independent test conducted using EPA methodology. Lucid still expects […]

‘Boris won’t ruin my Christmas!’: Furious English parents threaten to IGNORE Prime Ministers new ‘rule of six’ after Nicola Sturgeon said children under 12 WON’T be included in anti-Covid restrictions in Scotland

Local authority data reveals that 65 per cent (210 out of 320) of councils have a rate of coronavirus cases below 20 per 100,000, the level at which the Government considers quarantine measures for foreign countries. And an analysis of postcode data by The Telegraph shows 75 per cent – or 5,157 areas – have […]

Tory civil war over rule of six: Furious backbenchers brand new Covid restrictions ‘worse than the disease itself’ as it’s revealed almost EVERY Cabinet minister argued against them – but Matt Hancock got his way

Here we go again: British tourists face weekly mad scramble to get home by 4am Saturday as Portugal and Hungary are taken off quarantine exemption list… but no-lockdown Sweden is now ruled SAFE Portugal and Hungary have today been removed from the quarantine exemption list, meaning holidaymakers must now rush home or face two-weeks in […]

Birmingham hospitals ‘are on red alert’ amid surge in coronavirus admissions as fears grow that the city will have to go into lockdown

But prevalence of the virus is still much lower now than it was back in March – about 3,000 people will get infected every day this week compared to 100,000 a day six months ago. It means it would take several months for the outbreak to escalate to a situation the country found itself in […]