Thirty-year-old Ford Sierra beloved by boy racers to go under the hammer for nearly £100,000

A listing for the 1987 car tells potential buyers: “1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth we are delighted to be offering this RS for auction when consigned with us covering just 70,971 miles the RS500 has been lovingly restored to concourse condition the car would not be out of place as an exhibit in collector car […]

Woman charged over XR’s printing press blockade is 45-year-old British ‘ISIS Jihadi bride’ who claims she was just a volunteer interpreter in Syria before returning to UK to live on a canal boat while claiming benefits

Originally from Cork, he told the Mail he works as an eco-auditor who helps businesses be more environmentally friendly. He said: ‘We wanted people to wake up on Saturday morning and go to buy their paper and ask, ‘Why isn’t it here?’ They may be angry, but in a few weeks’ time they may start […]

Exclusive: I have entered my 88th year, but I genuinely think I am just 40: Asha Bhosle

Gulzarji once told me, “Your sister came into this world first so she is who she is. You came into this world after her, so you will always be compared to her.” Asha Bhosle speaks the language of music. She breaks into songs mid conversation to explain what she feels. While we tell her that […]

Taylor Swift Has Already Won Two Grammys for Album of the Year. Could She Win a Third? Should She?

So the Nominations Review Committee, which determines the final nominations in the Big Four categories—album, record and song of the year plus best new artist—has to know that if Swift’s current album, Folklore, is nominated for album of the year, it may very well win. Swift has demonstrated broad voter appeal—to both pop and country […]

My dad died of coronavirus last Christmas – he’d still be here if China hadn’t lied to the world

If the Chinese had informed the world about the virus as soon as they were aware of it, the UK may have detected cases sooner. Instead, it slipped under the radar and was diagnosed as something else, giving it chance to spread.

Failed MP, ex-Para & ‘birth striker’ among Extinction Rebellion protesters who took part in newspaper blockade

When asked about the protesters who disrupted the supply of millions of newspapers on Friday night Ms Abbott told Sophy Ridge on Sky: “I think it’s important to remind ourselves that direct actions which is what those actions were are actually legal.

‘Don’t say anything stupid’: social media minefield for journalists at Nine newspapers

The CEO of Macquarie Media, Adam Lang, said there was a “no comment” on the Jones negotiations but was more forthcoming on the Hadley allegations: “All staff at Macquarie Media are required to adhere to a workplace behaviour policy which includes a responsibility to maintain a safe working environment and report any matters of concern. […]

AAAI has become more inclusive, not an old men’s club anymore: Ashish Bhasin

Ashish Bhasin, the outgoing president of the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), has said that the advertising body has become more inclusive and is not an old men’s club anymore.Bhasin, who will be demitting his post later this month, has said that he is highly satisfied with the “significant changes” that the industry went […]

‘Press are worse than the Nazis’: Independent newspaper columnist who masterminded Extinction Rebellion blockade of printworks says ‘this is like World War Two and you guys are on the other side’

The 51 Extinction Rebellion activists charged over the blockade of printing presses in Hertfordshire Natalie Brecht, 45, who gave no address was remanded in custody to appear before Hatfield Magistrates’ Court today. Sally Davidson, aged 33, from Byards Croft, LondonChristopher Smith, aged 43, of Blagdon Road, New MaldenWill Farbrother, aged 39, of Forest Road, WalthamstowSarah Ingram, aged […]

Younger Brits more likely to die in an accident than from Covid, experts claim

“When we have a full assessment, what happened over March, April and May [during lockdown] was that the cure will indeed turn out to be worse than the disease.”