Von Miller’s last call with Broncos? New routine aimed at returning to old form — and staying with franchise beyond 2020.

“Me being in the AFC West for most of my career and playing the Broncos twice a year, you see Von and study what he’s doing in his rush game and use the examples of his unbelievable get-off, speed off the edge, ability to dip, body control,” Pagano said in a phone interview.

Government set to crackdown on young people spreading Covid after Britain reports 30 more deaths from Covid-19 in biggest spike for six weeks and 2,420 more people test positive for the disease

Data from Public Health England shows that more than 40 per cent of coronavirus tests done in hospitals were positive in March and April but this has now plummeted and remains below 2.5 per cent in both hospitals and the community. This shows that there remains only a small proportion of people with the symptoms […]

Rising Covid-19 cases are headed by a three-fold rise in infections in people in their teens and 20s, data shows – while number of vulnerable older people testing positive is FALLING and has been since lockdown

‘I’m not claiming there hasn’t been a real rise in recent weeks in France and Spain, there certainly has, but the position isn’t like it was back in March and April. The level of cases [in the UK] remains a very long way below what it was at the peak of the pandemic here in […]

Trump’s New List Of Supreme Court Nominees Includes A Judge Who Served In His White House And Three Republican Senators

Liberal advocacy groups, meanwhile, are ramping up election messaging around the courts and pouring millions of dollars into ad campaigns trying to connect top voting issues for Democrats — like healthcare, voting rights, and abortion rights — to the future of the federal bench. At the Democratic National Convention, the party adopted a platform that […]

Tory civil war over rule of six: Furious backbenchers brand new Covid restrictions ‘worse than the disease itself’ as it’s revealed almost EVERY Cabinet minister argued against them – but Matt Hancock got his way

People in Wales will also only be able to meet in groups of six or under indoors from Monday, First Minister Mark Drakeford will confirm on Friday. The rule will not apply to children aged 11 and under and people will also still be able to meet up in groups of up to 30 outdoors, […]

Younger Brits more likely to die in an accident than from Covid, experts claim

“When we have a full assessment, what happened over March, April and May [during lockdown] was that the cure will indeed turn out to be worse than the disease.”

Century-old BCG vaccine used to eradicate tuberculosis DOES ‘reduce the chance of death from Covid-19’, study confirms

Professor Ben Neuman, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Reading, say that while there is a clear benefit to using BCG to protect against TB, ‘it is questionable whether a tuberculosis vaccine would be seen as a viable form of long-term immune system modification for use against Covid-19’. 

This top Fund Manager turns cautious, hedges almost 80% of the portfolio

I’m sure he’ll do something to keep the markets up until the reelection is over at least. So, I would say for the very short term, you can definitely invest in foreign funds but if you’re taking a longer-term perspective, they are very expensive right now and should be approached with a lot of caution.

Wildfires Will Become Worse Thanks To Decades-Old Liberal Policies, Says Fire Expert Who Predicted Uptick In Blazes

Shortly before leaving office in 2001, Clinton limited the ability of the United States Forest Service to thin out a dense thicket of foliage and downed trees on federal land to bring the West into a pristine state, Bob Zybach, an experienced forester with a PhD in environmental science, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. […]

How sharks lost their bones: Ancient fossils reveal the cartilage-based skeletons of sharks may have evolved from bony fish

However, sharks have far more reason to be afraid of humans. We kill up to a million of them a year, often just cutting off their fins to make into soup and throwing the rest of the shark back into the water, where it starves or drowns.