Coronavirus Q&A: YMCA fitness expert shares quarantine workout tips

“Hydration combined with nutrition (is important). Everyone is working from home and probably eating out of boredom or stress eating. Getting enough water is going to keep you satiated so your not hungry all the time, but it will also improve circulation and it encourages lymph (node) drainage,” she said of drinking a lot of […]

Melanie Griffith, 62, looks very fit as she goes for a power walk in LA… after sharing childhood photo with a lion on her mom Tippi Hedren’s sanctuary

Tippi also decided to raise a lion called Neil in her home with Noel. In 1971, Life magazine ran a now iconic set of photographs of the adult Neil at Tippi’s family home, including in Melanie’s bed with the then teenage girl.

Vietnamese improvise indoor fitness regime

Khuat Viet Hung, deputy chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee, launched an “anti-Covid-19” training challenge on his personal page with a 19-day push-up challenge, starting from March 28 through April 15. Each day, participants perform at least 19 continuous push-ups per day, share videos on Facebook and have to challenge at least one more friend to join.

Slovak fitness model Lucia Javorcekova and other Wags show off best workouts at home during coronavirus exile

Más unidos que nunca 🤍. Gracias a todos los que nos mandan mensajitos preguntando como estamos! Estamos bien, cumpliendo nuestra cuarentena y esperando que pase todo rápido.

Havant man died after taking steroids to keep fit at gym

Explaining his steroid use, she said: “I guess it was because he wanted to perform better in the gym, I didn’t ask him his reasons for wanting to do it.

Tiger Woods says he would’ve been healthy for Masters this week

“I’ve been able to play some golf,” Woods said. “Medalist is still open here. Every course virtually to the south of us is closed but it remains open so it has been nice to go out there and play and hit golf balls a little bit… just get some activity and some peace of mind.”

Concord Coronavirus: Town Sports Courts Closed

Across America  |  News  |  4h Across America  |  News  |  4h Latest Coronavirus Myths: 5G, Malaria Drug, Face Masks, Does 5G wireless service exacerbate the coronavirus? Is hydroxychloroquine, used to treat malaria and lupus, a “silver bullet” for COVID-19?

New Canaan Coronavirus Update: Another Death Reported; 11 Total

From the very beginning of this crisis, many of you have been calling and emailing to see how you could help. I responded by saying two things: the best way you can help us is to stay home and stay healthy; and, that I would reach out when we were able to use your help.

More Powder To You: The Best Keto Protein Powders to Reach (and Maintain) Ketosis

Each scoop is packed with healthy ketosis support – 10g of collagen protein and 5g of pure MCT oil powder to be exact. The combination of MCT and collagen slows down your body’s absorption of protein, preventing it from being converted to glucose, and maximizing its efficiency. Collagen itself also supports the growth and shine […]

Workout is the best thing to do in self-quarantine: Shamita Shetty

Making the most of her time, she says, “People tend to binge eat when they are at home and since the lockdown is going to be weeks long, what better way to utilise this time than to exercise? Workouts are the best thing to do during this quarantine period. One has to just roll out […]