Hundreds protest county sheriff’s Facebook posts

“While I did not see the comments because they were immediately deleted when the post was removed in its entirety, I want to make it clear that I strongly condemn those hateful and racist comments which have no place in our, or any community,” Falco wrote.

Tropic storm Isaias whips up eastern US, killing at least 6

Isaias toggled between hurricane and tropical storm strength as it churned toward the East Coast. Fueled by warm ocean waters, the storm got a late burst of strength as a rejuvenated hurricane with top sustained winds of 85 mph (136 km/h) before coming ashore late Monday near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Its tropical storm […]

Hurricanes complete sweep, eliminate Rangers

It was Shesterkin’s first start of the series after missing the first two games. He played well, but did not get anywhere near enough support from the team in front of him. It certainly wasn’t for a lack of effort. It was just the simple fact that Carolina is a faster, more talented, and better […]

‘The end of the story of my daughter, my wife’: the victims of the Sri Lanka attacks

John Fallon, Pearson’s CEO, said Kowalski had just arrived at his hotel when he was killed in an explosion. “We’re angry that a good man, who took simple pleasure in fixing things, has been killed, along with many others, by evil men and women who know only how to destroy,” Fallon wrote in a note […]

Coronavirus latest: Beijing outbreak ‘extremely severe’ as fears grow over second wave

05:18 Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows are expected to plummet 40% this year, the UN has announced, citing the pandemic as the principle factor. FDI will shrink from its 2019 value of $1.54 trillion (€1.36 trillion) to less than $1 trillion for the first time since 2005, said the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Alex Berenson proclaims COVID-19 spike in Sun Belt is likely ‘behind us,’ more evidence against lockdowns

“There are good, epidemiological reasons that lockdowns don’t work,” he told Carlson Tuesday, “which is why, for 15 years, experts on pandemics said this was not a good idea and all of a sudden in March they threw out everything they been saying.”

Trump may finally realize he’s suppressing his own vote

KAMARCK: We looked at a series of variables that all related to ease of voting absentee. And, for instance, there were some states that require you to have a notary notarize your absentee ballot. Well if there’s no need to do that — and obviously as you can imagine tracking down the notary is a […]

Seattle police chief pleads with city officials to ‘do the right thing’ and call for ‘aggressive’ protesters to stop marches on her home because she opposes 50 percent cut in cop funding

A residence of mine in Snohomish County was targeted by a large group of aggressive protestors late last night. My neighbors were concerned by such a large group, but they were successful in ensuring the crowd was not able to trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do […]

Tornado sightings reported in Connecticut, Massachusetts

Connecticut State Police said they received multiple reports of a tornado around the Falls Village section of Salisbury in the northwestern corner of the state. Trees and utility wires were reported down in the area. Video of what appeared to be a tornado moving through a hilly, heavily wooded area was posted on social media.

Philippine capital, surrounding provinces return to lockdown

One of the doctors who joined the call warned that if the infections were not halted, the country would be the next New York City, where people die on stretchers due to lack of space in hospitals.