Scientists worry Washington’s political crackdown may lead to Chinese brain-drain

There have been increasing reports on probes or arrests involving scientists of Chinese descent by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, raising doubts over the agency’s claim that it does not conduct investigations based solely on race, ethnicity or national origin. Enditem

Brain drain: Loss of leadership experience at Air NZ raises culture concerns for union

Like the Government, Air New Zealand went hard and early in its response to Covid-19. Just days into New Zealand’s alert level 4 lockdown in March the airline said it would be downsizing to a third of what it was pre-pandemic.

Woman, 23, is diagnosed with a brain bleed that had been a hidden ‘ticking time bomb’ since birth after collapsing on a night out with friends

Cabin crew member Jade, who now has aphasia (a condition affecting her speech), dyslexia and a loss of part of her eyesight, remained in hospital from November 9 to December 18 and had to learn how to read, write, walk and talk all over again.

NEP 2020 is a major step towards making India a knowledge economy, says PM Modi

“This policy is not of the government alone. This is the country’s policy. Like foreign and defence policy are for the country. Similarly, education policy is for the country and not about who is in the seat of power,” the prime minister said.

Higher education in the UK is morally bankrupt. I’m taking my family and my research millions, and I’m off

Young people are told they are “consumers” in a shop where they can choose what and when to learn. They can expect a “service”. Some have taken their university to court if their course did not “deliver” promised results. This is no longer a viable, decent learning environment in which students from all walks of […]

Former Brazilian ministers slam budget cuts to science and technology

“The increasingly drastic budget cuts could lead to an unparalleled setback in the history of Brazilian science, an essential and critical area, both for economic and social development and for national sovereignty,” stated the letter, read by former minister Marco Antonio Raupp.

Education is collateral damage of rising tensions

The incident, however, hit the headlines in China as most Chinese know about the travel difficulties and therefore see the university’s move as a cold-blooded act. The University of North Texas has not given any reason for its decision-except that the researchers are associated with the Chinese Scholars’ Council. The short notice caused the scholars […]

Sky Views: Is the EU as united as it says it is?

Put Brexit aside and the disagreements at national level are even starker. In order to weaken national identities and strengthen its own role from the centre, Brussels has long championed a “Europe of the Regions” – made up of more than 60 ethnic identities rather than 27 states.

Washington creates McCarthyist campus climate: China Daily editorial

US scientists have warned of a Chinese brain drain as the crackdown on alleged foreign interference at universities drives away scientists of Chinese descent. Over the past several decades, Chinese talents studying and working in the US have been a driving force behind its technological supremacy globally. In most high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, Asian […]

Trump’s immigration ban stranded a scientist with no job and no home

While the organizers of the open letter have not identified themselves, they told The Verge that they only include signatures sent from email addresses ending in ‘.edu’ — which signifies the email came from someone at an academic institution. Between 40 and 50 volunteers are working to verify those addresses. While The Verge has not […]