Super-fit dad is diagnosed with coronavirus and given hours to live. His family has a gut-wrenching choice – only one person can watch him die. What they saw will break your heart

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‘One press-up is better than none’: How Mr Motivator and other fitness gurus stay healthy at home

Lizzie Webb, former TV-am presenter and the creator of Joggy Bear One positive thing to come out of the coronavirus crisis is that people often have more time to focus on themselves and their bodies. But be sensible: if you aren’t a regular exerciser, don’t suddenly go mad on a programme. Ease in gently. There’s […]

Disha Patani: Salman Khan And I Bonded Over Fitness

In her recent interaction with a leading daily, Disha Patani was all praises for superstar Salman Khan. She said, “Salman and I bonded over fitness. He is an inspiration to many as he is hardworking and looks so fit. Doing action for films isn’t easy. It’s commendable to see how at his age Salman Khan […]

We test new healthy new snacks on the market and eyebrow pencils for a variety of budgets

Now she is launching EyebrowQueen with products including The Brow Pro Pencil, which has taken two years to develop. It creates precise hairstrokes with its innovative triangular- shaped, self-sharpening nib.

PICTURED: ‘Fit and healthy’ father who died just two days after catching coronavirus on a cruise ship – as his heartbroken family issue a desperate warning

‘Clearly this virus does not discriminate and we never believed for one second that it would take him from us,’ the family said.  ‘He was a very fit, healthy and active man with no known underlying health issues. He showed no real significant signs of being unwell until he collapsed at home on Wednesday morning.’

Shraddha Kapoor’s terrace workout video is the perfect fitness inspiration you need during lockdown

She posted the video and wrote, “Being home #TerraceWorkouts #StaySafeStayHome #MondayMotivation.” In the video that has three frames, Shraddha can be seen doing squats and running backwards and forwards. Her brother, actor Siddhant Kapoor, was quick to respond, praising Shraddha’s ‘fitness app’. “Hehehehe too good this app is,” he wrote.

Genius! Fitness fanatic dad reveals how doing workouts with his young sons helps to keep them calm during quarantine – as he shares tips for how other parents can do the same

‘People can use backpacks filled with books for squats, rows, lunges, step-ups, presses, etc. Cans of food are suitable for lateral raises, bicep curls, and tricep kickbacks. There are ways you can attach a towel on a door to do assisted chin-ups. Washcloths on a hard surface can be used as sliders for leg curls, […]

Coronavirus: Are outdoor sports healthy exercise or a dangerous risk?

Scenes such as these are being replicated throughout Germany whenever the sun comes out. Parks and green spaces in major urban centers are bustling as if the coronavirus pandemic was never a thing. While there are no longer any larger groups sitting together or barbecuing in the sun, as was common before the crisis, there […]

11 Healthy Indian Snacks To Ease Your Hunger

If you have more time in your hand, you can make bread upma and vegetable upma.

Top Healthy Habits That You Need To Start By Your 30s

11. Fidget As Much As Possible: A sedentary lifestyle can give you obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even death. Hence, try not to sit on your bay the entire day and make some movements then and there.