Havant man died after taking steroids to keep fit at gym

Explaining his steroid use, she said: “I guess it was because he wanted to perform better in the gym, I didn’t ask him his reasons for wanting to do it.

Vietnamese improvise indoor fitness regime

After the Lunar New Year, around the time the first wave of infections hit Vietnam, An started avoiding gathering with members of his weekly cycling club after each training session. Besides climbing stairs in the morning, he has been practicing indoor cycling since the beginning of April on his bike roller in the afternoons while his wife and children practice yoga […]

Coronavirus Q&A: YMCA fitness expert shares quarantine workout tips

That is a message being spread by fitness trainers across the Houston region, including Shelby Saylor, Association Director of Healthy Living for the YMCA Greater Houston. Saylor said when usual athletic pursuits and workout habits, like going to the local gym, are not available, it is critical for people to exercise inside their homes, utilizing […]

Slovak fitness model Lucia Javorcekova and other Wags show off best workouts at home during coronavirus exile

Más unidos que nunca 🤍. Gracias a todos los que nos mandan mensajitos preguntando como estamos! Estamos bien, cumpliendo nuestra cuarentena y esperando que pase todo rápido.

How to keep luscious locks in lockdown: Expert home hair guide including step-by-step DIY colour, tricks to banish split ends, fringe-trimming cheat – Plus should you ever cut your kids’ hair?

I take a chunk out of my forefinger with the scissors, swear a lot and bleed all over the towel. In all, I cut my fingers three times, twice badly enough to need plasters, nearly take a chunk out of Freddy’s ear and, I’m told, several times, am not very gentle. But somehow, despite all […]

Tiger Woods says he would’ve been healthy for Masters this week

“It’s weird practicing with no end goal to get ready for,” Woods said. “Hypothetically it could be this. Hypothectically it could be that. It seems like it changes from day to day. Week to week there’s always something new.”

Concord Coronavirus: Town Sports Courts Closed

CONCORD, MA — Concord closed all sports courts and play equipment in town, effective Wednesday. The town hopes to limit the spread of the new coronavirus by closing locations that encourage large gatherings. The town said it received a number of complaints from residents about the use of parks and the lack of social distancing.

New Canaan Coronavirus Update: Another Death Reported; 11 Total

NEW CANAAN, CT — A resident of Waveny LifeCare Network reportedly passed away of complications from the new coronavirus (COVID-19), according to New Canaan Emergency Management Director Mike Handler, bringing the town’s total number of deaths to 11 as of Wednesday.

Steps to safeguard ourselves from Covid-19

If you have a general cold or cough, treat it with camphor. Seek medical help to avoid any confusion of your symptoms to Covid-19. However, avoid panicking and self-medicating with coughsils, paracetamols and pain relief pills. Instead, replace these with camphor, which is renowned in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. Camphor helps in treating cold, […]

Revealed: How you handle COVID-19 isolation based on your star sign – and the perfect ‘side hustle’ to make some extra money at home

‘You need to move around so flex those muscles and legs with some Zumba and music. Research your next travel adventure whilst you stimulate the mind through puzzles and sudoku,’ Mr Aujula said.