The Academy Sets New Oscars Show Date for April 2021

The show, which was originally scheduled to air February 28th on ABC, will be extending its eligibility deadlines because of the pause on theatrical releases during the pandemic. Rather than the standard December 31st deadline for eligible films, a feature film must now have a qualifying release date between January 1st, 2020, and February 28th, […]

Television Academy Honors: ‘Watchmen’ Creator Damon Lindelof Urges Hollywood To Spotlight “Hidden, Buried, Camouflaged” Stories

Lindelof concluded his speech encouraging viewers to read the original source material and explore Ta-Nehisi Coates’ works. He also asked fellow creatives to dig deeper for thought-provoking stories, as these are often the ones left out of mainstream history and storytelling, he said.

These retired Army officers went online to celebrate 50 years of training

They were to have released a souvenir, with articles from the retired officers recalling their times at the academy and a presentation of an ISO resin installation about 9.5 feetX35 feet, called The Making of an Officer, a series of 15 figures depicting the transformation of a greenhorn into an officer. There was to be […]

‘Hollywood’ Production Designer Matthew Flood Ferguson On Crafting Fictional, Old Hollywood Studio & Recreating 1948 Oscars For Netflix Miniseries

FERGUSON: In the opening of our show, we’ve got the young extras and Jack and his friend trying to get background work. I scouted and looked at the different studios that we have, and Paramount really contains that. It retains a lot of that old school Hollywood look, so we determined we would shoot at […]

Sports Emmy Nominations: ESPN & Fox Lead The Field; ‘E:60’ Tops Programs – Full List

The ESPN documentary series E:60 leads all programs with 10 Sports Emmy nominations, followed by Fox’s Super Bowl LIV (seven) and five each for Fox nets’ 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, NFL on Fox, HBO’s 24/7 and ESPN’s SC Featured.

George Clooney will participate in a virtual charity gala with Oprah Winfrey… after spending the past six months nesting with Amal and the twins

The Carousel Balls have raised more than $105 million to date, with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes. Funds are raised through sponsorships, dinner tickets, a live and silent auction, and contributions. 

Where are UK’s Eurovision Song Contest entrants now – from EastEnders to bankruptcy

Still performing to this day, Bonnie went on a 22-date tour of Germany and Austria in 2018 and released her 17th studio album last year called “Between the Earth and Stars” before another live tour.

Oscars Announce New Diversity and Inclusion Standards for Best Picture Eligibility

For films to be considered for Best Picture, they music meet criteria that includes two of four standards: Standard A “Onscreen Representation, Themes and Narratives,” Standard B “Creative Leadership and Project Team,” Standard C “Industry Access and Opportunities” and Standard D “Audience Development.” Each standard has criteria requiring the inclusion of people in underrepresented groups, […]

X Factor winners: Where are they now including Leona Lewis and Louisa Johnson

In 2015 she won the role of Mamma Morton in the UK tour of Chicago, and went on a tour of Butlins holiday camps in 2016. She self-funded the release of her album, Sing My Heart Out, which she toured around the UK in March 2017. The single of the same name charted at number […]