Teacher Mourned, Food Depot Threat, Shooter Drill: News Nearby

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Survivor of the New Zealand Mass Shooting Shares Horror of His Escape: ‘I Had to Run’

In the Facebook Live video, which has since been removed by the social networking site, the man drove up to the mosque with a number of weapons in his car’s front passenger seat and in the trunk of his car.

Fountain Valley hospital workers subdue man armed with pellet and flare guns, authorities say

“My sister-in-law works at the hospital and was closed off in a room with co-workers after the active shooter was reported,” Deborah Sullivan-Brennan wrote in a follow-up email after posting what she had heard on Twitter. “My brother called police and learned they were already there. About 10 minutes ago he called us and said […]

The Best PS4 Games (April 2020)

Persona 5 — 9/10″Within Persona 5 is a complex set of interconnected gameplay mechanics, and in almost every aspect Atlus has executed on its vision exceptionally, barring the pacing issues towards the end. At every turn, it presents something to marvel at, whether it’s the fluid combat, vibrant world, or the many memorable characters. It’s […]

The Best Xbox One Games Of All Time (April 2020)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 — 8/10″Ultimately, this is a return to form for the Valkyria Chronicles series as a whole. It stays so true to the franchise’s first iteration that it’ll feel as if almost no time has passed in the decade or so since the original game first came out. In revisiting the concerns and […]

PlayStation Plus April 2020: all the free PS4 games you can get this month

Sega’s remake of the first Yakuza game sees you taking on the role of former yakuza lieutenant Kazuma Kiryu, who spent 10 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. On his release, he realizes that his city has changed massively and quickly becomes caught in the middle of a faction war. With plenty […]

Wot I think – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (early access)

Mount & Blade was terrific fun immediately. I’ve surely regaled some of you in the comments over the years about how I played its 6-level demo all night, over and over, just fighting endlessly in the Zendar arena. Buying it then was inevitable, even though it was openly unfinished, a novel concept several years before […]

Likely first-rounder, Maryland’s Jalen Smith, declares for NBA draft

At 6-foot-10, Smith will likely settle in as a center in the NBA, especially as he continues to bulk up. He’s just not mobile enough to consistently defend power forwards. Heck, his defense in space will still be a concern at center. That’s a flaw that can make bigs unplayable in the modern NBA.

Nintendo retreads past ground with sequel-heavy presser

Nintendo used its E3 press conference to stay on message: everyone can play its games, Nintendo hardware and software sell incredibly well, and the MotionPlus is coming soon. It was a show with few surprises, mostly retreading what we already knew. People had low expectations for this press conference after last year, which put Nintendo […]

Disintegration single player preview: Flying motorcycle combat meets boots-on-the-ground tactics

Despite this, Lehto is quick to point out that the characters in Disintegration are still incredibly human, carrying their personalities and memories with them into their robotic forms. I point out that there’s a huge difference between Romer, a charismatic former gearhead TV show host ala Top Gear who decides to integrate to see if […]