Warning signs that your elderly parents shouldn’t be living alone anymore

We grow up, move out of our houses to make a living and in this process, our parents are left alone at home. Ageing can be difficult, especially when the person who is ageing is your parents. After a certain age, parents who spent a lifetime caring for their children become the ones who need […]

A Love Like No Other: 70 years married, the parents of AMANDA PLATELL died hand in hand – within minutes of each other. Here in a soaring elegy, she says it was an end that perfectly mirrored two lives entwined as one

We had printed 50 orders of service. Around 250 people came. But we were not there to say ‘goodbye’. Another of Dad’s rules was that we never said ‘goodbye’. Dad preferred the last two words my brother Michael said to him on his death bed: ‘See ya.’ And so that is how I ended my […]

How to parent your ageing parents during coronavirus pandemic

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has said that the coronavirus affects the elderly and people with underlying conditions more severely than it does others. At such a time it is important to take care of our old parents and make sure they follow the social distancing and lockdown norms that have been laid […]

Peter Andre begs his elderly parents to ‘be safe’ as he laments being apart from them during coronavirus pandemic

Who should you ask for help if coronavirus symptoms strike?… Louisa Lytton gets stuck in with volunteering duties as she… Katie Price stocks up on the essentials as she heads to the… ‘Stay safe, all of you’: Katie Price sends her love to ex…

6 Things Couples Need To Stop Sharing With Their Friends

5. Insecurities How will you feel when you come to know your partner shares every single detail with his/her friends? Will you approve of this? Letting your friends know the weak points and insecurities of your partner will make your partner feel betrayed. Moreover, your partner will then lose his/her self-esteem.

Homeschooling During The Coronavirus: How Bay Area Parents Can Cope With The Added Responsibility

“Our students should be honoring the shelter in place with the exception of exercise and school related activities assigned by our teachers,” said Cheryl Jordan, Superintendent of the Milpitas Unified School District. “This is a time to focus on family ties in person, while being creative in connecting with friends and teachers virtually.”

This kid-staffed SF newspaper is the coronavirus break we needed. Here’s how it started

There’s a 7-year-old child’s review of a routine linguini with meat sauce dinner (three out of five stars), two reviews of the television show “The Good Place” and a comics page, including the debut of “The Crime Fighting Super Fish vs. Coronavirus.” The newspaper also has birdhouse building instructions, a recipe for banana bread and […]

Sister of nurse who died at hospital where workers ‘wore TRASH BAGS’ does not know where his body is

“This crisis is only growing and it’s essential that we not only have all the right equipment but that we come together to help and support one another,” the spokesperson said, adding they are “grieving deeply” over the nursing manager’s death.

Bride’s parents demand she ‘tone down’ her wedding after sister was left at the altar

She wrote: “She found out she wasn’t getting married when the groom showed up to the church late, asked her to go into another room with him in full view of everyone already seated, and a few minutes later she left the church while he announced that the wedding was off.”

Linda Lusardi, 61, has been placed on oxygen and ‘needs all the help she can get’ after being hospitalised with COVID-19

‘Thank you so much for your love and support. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without it. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. This is the best Mother’s Day Gift we could have hoped for. God bless you all. Please stay safe. Xxx’