Say hello to THE sustainable beauty launch of 2021 – self tan just got a whole lot cleaner!

There are so many must-haves in the range – like the Dark Foaming Water (£15.99) and the Pure Self Tanning Face Mist (£14.99) that can be spritzed straight onto your face and neck – but our hero product has to be the Self Tanning Sleep Mask (£14.99). 

Climate crisis: world now at its hottest for 12,000 years

“We demonstrate that global average annual temperature has been rising over the last 12,000 years, contrary to previous results,” said Samantha Bova, at Rutgers University–New Brunswick in the US, who led the research. “This means that the modern, human-caused, global warming period is accelerating a long-term increase in global temperatures, making today completely uncharted territory. […]

This new coalition of heavy industry companies is collaborating on net-zero tech

The new partnership brings companies, their suppliers, their customers, their regulators, and their funders into a conversation about how to get to net zero so that they can make concrete plans. “You’ve seen a dramatic increase in the last couple of years in the interest in and commitment to net zero, but none of them […]

World Insights: Global warming, mobilizing action on climate change in focus at virtual Davos gathering

“But I’d like to reiterate that the situation might develop unpredictably and uncontrollably if we sit on our hands doing nothing to avoid it. There’s a possibility that we might experience an actual collapse of global development that might result in a fight of all against all.”

The Medium review: A horror game stuck between two worlds

Atmospheric horror If it seems like I’ve yet to touch on the actual horror aspect of the game, that’s because The Medium takes a more cerebral approach to fear. Rather than relying on cheap jump scares, the game opts for effective psychological terror. It’s a morose tone piece that’s frequently unsettling on the strength of […]

Coronavirus: Tom Hanks shares inspiring update on health after testing positive

“There are those for whom it could lead to a very serious illness. We are taking it one-day-at-a-time. There are things we can all do to get through this by following the advice of experts and taking care of ourselves and each other, no?

Paris accords: Nuclear energy must be part of a serious US recommitment

Nuclear energy must play a role in the overall global energy transition alongside other low-carbon technologies, although the extent of the role will vary between countries. With the U.S. recommitting to the Paris Accords and conceivably taking the lead, the role of nuclear energy must be supported globally by Kerry and his team, while domestic […]

Many companies staying away from investments that generate carbon: Bill Gates

New Delhi/Davos: Many companies have begun taking carbon into account when they make investment decisions and they stay away from investments that are generating carbon, top entrepreneur and industry leader Bill Gates said on Wednesday. At a panel discussion on carbon markets during the World Economic Forum’s online Davos Agenda Summit, Gates further said the […]

Has Australia beaten COVID-19 by ignoring WHO advice on border closures?

As CBS News Foreign Correspondent Holly Williams reports, many of the best players in the world are stuck practicing by themselves in cramped quarters, but quarantine is the price they pay to play in a Grand Slam tournament in a country where life is almost back to normal.

Jamie Oliver facts: discover chef’s wife, children, home & more

Although Jamie has achieved huge success, it hasn’t come without its difficulties. Jamie has confessed to making some bad business decisions, and was forced to close several of his restaurants after Jamie’s Italian amassed debts of £71.5million, and Barbecoa Ltd went into administration, forcing him to close one of the two central London restaurants.