Report: Office of Management and Budget Working on Plan to Cut WHO Funding

Trump’s focus on the WHO comes as he continues to face questions about his early statements playing down the virus and how unprepared his administration has been. The president’s embrace of a broadside against the WHO echoes similar criticism from hosts on Fox News Channel, including Tucker Carlson, and some Republican lawmakers.

InterGlobe Hotels will not lay off employees, nor cut salaries: CFO

hospitality industry has been badly hit by the lockdown imposed to contain the virus spread. It has come to a complete halt, and is battling survival. In an interview with ETCFO, Munish Gupta, Chief Financial Officer at InterGlobe Hotels, shared the business impact due to the Covid-19 disruptions, and the road ahead for the sector. […]

Calaveras County Correctional Officer Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

The sheriff’s office said it received a report from a victim on March 6 about a domestic violence incident that happened in 2019. The victim told the office a Calaveras County correctional officer committed the crimes against the victim while off duty.

Work Transformed: Let’s talk about your home office

While job openings are good news for job hunters, Meyersohn reports some existing part-time workers “are frustrated that new workers are coming in when they have already been struggling to find enough hours to pay their bills.” They worry new workers will infringe on their hours or hurt their chances of eventually becoming full-time.

IT cos, key govt offices can function with half the staff: Karnataka expert panel

BENGALURU: A panel of experts in the state has suggested that the ongoing lockdown should be continued in districts identified as Covid-19 hotspots, including Bengaluru, to limit the spread of the pandemic. IT companies and government offices providing essential services should be allowed to function with 50% staff, according to the committee headed by Narayana […]

Airlines and TSA report 96% drop in air travel as pandemic continues

On Wednesday, Transportation Security Administration officers screened just shy of 95,000 people at airport checkpoints, a dramatic drop from the 2.3 million who passed through on the equivalent day in 2019. The numbers are at a 10-year low, according to the agency.

Coronavirus: Leaked intelligence report shows US was warned about COVID-19 in November

The pivotal US National Security Council (NSC) has been in crisis for several years. Its most recent bloodbath was in September when National Security Advisor John Bolton quit. He had replaced HR McMaster in April 2018. McMaster had replaced Lt Gen Michael Flynn, who was fired after less than a month in the job in […]

86-year-old who broke social distancing space in ER and grabbed IV pole died after being shoved, NYT reports

Lundy was initially given a summons by the hospital police for disorderly conduct, according to the Times, but after the medical examiner ruled Marshall’s death a homicide, Lundy was arrested and charged with manslaughter and assault on April 2, the NYPD said.

Coronavirus Report: The Hill’s Steve Clemons interviews Tom Bossert

TOM BOSSERT: I guess that one way to answer your question isn’t that we all had some crystal ball. It was just the realization that human beings are susceptible to any kind of novel virus and a contagion that spreads among a population that doesn’t have any immunities to it. You know, we all walk […]

COVID-19: Haryana Govt to Pay Double Salary to Govt Doctors, Nurses

“We want to assure the people of Haryana that we will succeed in our fight against the virus. It is the result of our strict vigil and management that we have cases under control despite a large number of people returning from abroad in recent times. Had there not been a spike in cases due […]