Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: ‘Delusional’ Trump ‘Has Done Nothing for African-Americans’

“I’m disgusted by that,” Bottoms said after watching a clip of Trump’s Axios interview. “And I’ve read Congressman Lewis’ essay and I wrote something from his essay, that I’ve kept on my desk: ‘Answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe in.’ Donald Trump shows us time and […]

Can the American-led Black Lives Matter movement trigger an African awakening?

As Africans we have our own George Floyd, Eric Garner and Manuel Ellis. South Africa’s post-apartheid examples include Andries Tatane killed in 2011 during a “service delivery protest”; then there was the Marikana Massacre in 2012 where 34 striking mineworkers were shot dead by police; and more recently Collins Khoza who was allegedly killed during […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: American Flag-Bearing Demonstrators Cause Uproar Within Seattle’s Autonomous Zone

Throughout the march, Daviscourt and Maximus repeatedly told those within CHAZ that they were there to represent unity and wanted to peacefully protest. The two had some discussions with CHAZ occupants. One woman argued with Maximus about whether the American flag represented unity, while another woman asked Daviscourt why she was supported Maximus.

Pandemic Could Kill Tax Credit for Millions of Working Poor Americans

Since the credit depends on earned income, many families may be at risk of losing all or some of the benefit because so many were laid off as economies in many states shut down. Even as restaurants and other businesses reopen, it’s likely that many of those who lost their jobs will remain unemployed or […]

Bay Briefing: What to consider when you’re considering a pandemic pod

• Prisons still far from empty: California’s prison population of 99,000 is its lowest since 1990 and well below its peak in 2006 — and crime hasn’t increased statewide. Court rulings, new state laws, and changes in voters’ attitudes have all contributed to the reduction, but the legacy of prison building and tough-on-crime laws remains, […]

Essential wine and drinks stories by writers of color

Please read that piece. But don’t stop there. Gaiter has written eloquently about the experiences of being black in wine before, and she’s also written eloquently about wine in ways that have nothing to do with race or equity. I love this story about Etude Pinot Gris, for example — and how it nearly caused […]

NSSF: Firearm Purchases by Black Men and Women up 58% from 2019

The number of background checks in June soared high enough to set an all-time, single month record, regardless of which month one considers. The FBI conducted 3,931,607 background checks in June alone, shattering any previous record set since background checks became required in 1998.

She packed her bags, quit her job in law enforcement and moved to Mexico after George Floyd’s death

The West African nation has also launched a program called the Year of Return, which provides African American visitors a path to citizenship. Under the campaign, Ghana has seen an influx of African Americans, four centuries since the first African slaves stepped on American soil.

White House protests — it all began with Alice Paul

On January 10, 1917, a group of twelve women emerged from Cameron House. They made the short walk from the eastern side of Lafayette Square to the fence bordering the north lawn of the White House and held up signs in support of the Nineteenth Amendment. The women came to be known as the “Silent […]

Atlanta mayor rips Trump over John Lewis comments: ‘He doesn’t care anything about the history of this country’

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) August 4, 2020“If this man is allowed to serve as president for another four years, we will be in even more trouble than we are in now,” she said. “He is destroying our democracy in real time, and we have to respond in the best way that we know how, the […]