‘Dear White People’s Jeremy Tardy Announces Exit From Netflix Series, Accuses Lionsgate Of Racial Discrimination; Studio Denies Bias In Cast Negotiations

According to sources close to the production, the budget for Season 4 was increased significantly, with a portion of the increase earmarked for recurring cast members who all were offered raises. Some of them accepted, others held out for more money, a standard negotiating tactic. All offers were reportedly approved by series creator Justin Simien, […]

Why Netflix built its first global brand campaign around one of the most controversial parts of its UX

That’s because everyone’s experience on the streamer is different based on their tastes, but there still are common threads that tie it all together. One that the brand’s marketers are betting on is how our perspectives change after we’ve watched something. In a blog post, Netflix vice president of brand Eric Palotta writes, “The TV […]

Lady Gaga dominates MTV VMAs with iconic pink face mask and Tricon Award win

Best music video from home, one of two new categories brought in to reflect the post-Covid-19 world, was won by Grande and Justin Bieber for Stuck With U while pop titan Taylor Swift won best direction for The Man music video, her hit about industry sexism.

Governors Awards Ignore Scandals, Hand Out Year’s First Oscars

Netflix was well represented in the room, particularly with a large contingent from their big hope, Mudbound which had just opened AFI two nights before.  I ran into its director Dee Rees at the packed pre-dinner reception and she was being congratuated by everyone, as was Wonder Woman’s helmer Patty Jenkins  all there on a night when a pioneering […]

New movies to stream this week: ‘The Social Dilemma,’ ‘Surge’ and more

A record number of women ran for office in 2018 – a fact evidenced by the proliferation of documentaries that have sprung up, like mushrooms, about the phenomenon, including “Knock Down the House,” “Represent” and now, most recently, “Surge.” Like those earlier films, this one follows a group of female candidates (but without the hindsight […]

USC Annenberg Comprehensive Study Shines Glaring Spotlight On Slow Progress Toward Inclusion In Hollywood

Related Story Inside Out LGBT Film Festival To Feature ‘The Boys In The Band’, ‘The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson’, ‘Cowboys’ And More For Virtual Edition The country is in the middle of a civic uprising and a reckoning when it comes to the treatment of marginalized communities — especially the Black community. That said, the […]

Paris Hilton reckons with her legacy — and so should we

Not to mention the tension we’ve seen between the sisters in the past few seasons — Kim and Kourtney traded blows last season — which could totally be manufactured for the show, but doesn’t rule out the fact that constantly being around your family can wear down even the best of us.

Hollywood’s inclusion problems still run deep, study finds

Some companies have been more proactive. Half of Universal Pictures’ 2019 releases, which included “Us,” “Queen & Slim” and “Ma,” starred female protagonists. The studio, the lone major studio headed by a woman in Donna Langley, also led in female directors, writers and producers, as well as lead roles from underrepresented groups. The Walt Disney […]

Diana Rigg worried I’d get hit by lightning

Charles Evers, the older brother of the late civil rights icon Medgar Evers, died July 22 at the age of 97, Rankin County Coroner David Ruth told CNN. Charles Evers was considered one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement. He became the NAACP’s state voter registration chairman in 1954, and after his brother’s […]

KweliTV is a streaming service that puts Black stories first

“The bigger platforms are focused on bigger name talent, celebrities who are well known and can draw viewers. But KweliTV hosts award-winning filmmakers who just haven’t had the same opportunity, who might not have that big studio attached, or 20,000 followers on Twitter. So I think that we’re really giving Black filmmakers a chance to […]