‘Only HE knows why he did it’: Teenage traveller ‘Rocky’, 17, is jailed for life for ‘random’ murder of Lindsay Birbeck, 47, whose leg he tried to SAW off before dumping body in wheelie bin – as his parents wear T-shirts claiming he’s innocent

‘She is gone forever. Her brother Darryl, my uncle, is really struggling. They grew up very close and remained that way. When he married his wife Tracy, mum sorted out a lot of the arrangements and my uncle said this was one of the best days of his life mainly thanks to her.

Policemen in Nigeria frustrating my coming come — UK based Nigerian raises alarm

Awosanyan had tweeted “ “The UK authorities believe that our fellow citizen Mr Bankole is not safe to even visit his own country based on the level of conspiracy weaponized against him by the Police even after discharging him abroad. We need closure having found that this is another work of impunity. There is no […]

Why doesn’t the US use the metric system?

In the 1790s, the French Academy of Sciences was asked by the government in Paris to come up with a new and logical system of measurement. The academy decided that the new system should be based on something they could physically quantify in nature, so it could stand the test of time. Thus, they decided […]

Stephanie Stradley’s Texans training camp preview

Houston Sports Talk Podcast with Robert Land. Did this March 16 while suspecting I had COVID-19 but not knowing at the time because there were no tests for people with my symptoms. I had such a hard time thinking and talking on this, but I was game. Basically, I had the COVID-19 symptoms that were […]

Germany: Afghan Arrested for Beating Wife to Death in Front of Their Children

The migrant woman had separated from her husband, living alone in the apartment with her two daughters aged five and six, while her three sons remained with their father. The 38-year-old man and the three boys had allegedly come to visit the woman when the brutal assault took place, the tabloid reported.

What Are The Reasons Behind Your Frequent Headaches?

A: The reason behind headaches vary from person to person. Headaches are usually triggered by lifestyle or environmental factors such as stress, changes in weather, caffeine use, or lack of sleep. Overuse of pain medication can also cause a constant headache.

Unfortunate Brits who just missed the 4am France quarantine deadline arrive home including a mother whose train was delayed and must now isolate with her disabled son – after 160,000 raced through the night on midnight ferries and even FISHING BOATS

If the airlines continue to operate the route, there is no right although they may offer money back as a goodwill gesture. Ferry operators and Eurostar may offer refunds but most firms will give customers a voucher to rebook at a later date. Eurotunnel says it will give refunds up to 24 hours before travel.

Charlie Rose FIRED by CBS and PBS one day after 13 WOMEN accuse the exalted newsman of unwanted sexual advances as his co-hosts reveal their shock and horror at lewd and nude allegations

‘I do not revisit this time in my life often and I felt no need to take anyone down. I am also in a moment of incredible highs in my professional life and feel that I am fully living out my purpose; the last thing I want or need is to attach my name to […]

JOHN HUMPHRYS: I couldn’t work with Prince Harry when he guest edited BBC Radio 4’s Today programme because I wanted to ask what his minders would see as embarrassing questions

I conclude by wishing happy birthday to Princess Anne. She’s 70 today. She’s still the most hardworking of the lot. And the way that she’s dealt with her own children, by not making them HRHs, proves that she doesn’t believe in it, either

Small towns may have “a longer road ahead” in America’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

“A town that has already been around for 100 years or more has already been through a lot. It was through the Great Depression. It was through world wars. It’s been through the financial shocks of the last 20 or 30 years. So people there know how to reinvent themselves. Their challenge will be to […]