UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 181 to 759 in Britain’s darkest day of the crisis yet as almost 3,000 more patients are diagnosed as Government promises to start testing hundreds of frontline NHS staff this weekend

Experts have been conflicted since the beginning of the outbreak about whether the true number of people who are infected is significantly higher than the official numbers of recorded cases. Some people are expected to have such mild symptoms that they never even realise they are ill unless they’re tested, so only the more serious […]

As U.S. Braces for Potential Second Wave, Nurses Say There’s Still a Critical Shortage of N95 Masks

“In the UK and the USA, risk of reporting a positive test for COVID-19 was increased among front-line health-care workers,” the study found. “Health-care systems should ensure adequate availability of PPE and develop additional strategies to protect health-care workers from COVID-19, particularly those from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds.”

Two of PC Andrew Harper’s killers launch appeal bids against manslaughter convictions

Mrs Harper went on: “We’ve had so much support from everyone, from members of the public. I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve had from people saying, ‘yes, this needs to happen’. I’ve had a lot of messages saying, ‘what can we do, how can we help? We support Harper’s Law’.

Donald Trump BANS visitors from Europe from entering the US for 30 days starting at midnight on Friday – but excludes the UK and Ireland – in effort to staunch coronavirus pandemic. But how will it slow spread of virus ALREADY inside US?

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), who chairs the House oversight committee, told a panel of expert witnesses during a hearing on the disease: ‘This morning we were informed that President Trump and Vice President Pence have called our witnesses to an emergency meeting at the White House. We don’t know the details, just that it is […]

The mothers secretly working as sex workers

Attacks on prostitutes however, are not a rare occurrence. An estimated 152 sex workers were murdered between 1990 and 2015 while more than 280 reports of rape have been made to the protection scheme National Ugly Mugs since 2012. Many more incidents are thought to go un-reported with sex workers fearing they may be prosecuted.

Online dating scams dupe 200,000 study finds

Monica Whitty, a psychologist and professor of contemporary media at Leicester University, said that the pool of those targeted was likely to be greater still as it did not include people who realised what was happening before they lost money and those who still did not realise they had been conned.

Our right to spend time with loved ones is being cruelly violated by the government

On Wednesday, our lawyers at Leigh Day sent a letter to Matt Hancock: John’s Campaign v the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. We are raising money to cover our legal costs through crowdfunding on Crowd Justice and believe that many people will support us in this endeavour, which is our last resort […]

Heathrow unveils new coronavirus test centre that could cut quarantine time in half – costing £150 per passenger

Dr Hilary backs Covid-19 testing at UK airports to reduce quarantine times but says travellers should pay for it themselves

Obaseki and the season of quality achievements

– EDO Jobs, was set up by Governor Obaseki as the state’s skills development and Job Creation Agency to actualize his promise of creating and providing 200,000 jobs to the citizenry and energies the Edo State economy. At the last count, over 160,000 has been created.  The Edo Jobs agency has under its management, the […]

The 26 most toe-curling quotes from Finding Freedom: Friends who are amazed by Meghan’s packing skills and call her ‘Grace under fire’, classmates who taunt her for being ‘perfect’ and how Harry is ‘tough to impress’

One courtier was quoted as saying: “It’s no secret, the future of this monarchy relies solely on the four people currently in Kensington Palace. The public popularity only lies with them . . . When he [the Prince of Wales] becomes King, the only way it lasts is if the four of them are not […]