Originair, Hamilton Airport prepare to restart regional passenger route

“It does depend on the mix of passengers, so for example a husband and wife, they are in a bubble together, if a family of four book, they are considered to be a single bubble too.

Govt help travel agents to refund $690m in cancelled travel

NZ Ski chief executive Paul Anderson said he had recently spoken to five families who had received refunds for planned September / October school holiday trips to Bali, Vietnam and the Gold Coast, but they were now looking at spending that time in places like Queenstown and Wanaka.

Covid’s shown the true value of a travel agent

Meanwhile angry clients demanded full refunds. Only a small number of clients understood that their travel agent would have to refund commission they had received for making those travel arrangements. They think we hold those funds, but they need to be paid to the supplier of the service(s) within days of us booking arrangements.

150 Years of News: Wellington’s Lord of the Rings premiere a blockbuster in 2003

Peter Jackson’s Rings trilogy was already a smash hit when its stars graced the Courtenay Place red carpet on December 1. Its final instalment, The Return of the King, was nominated for 11 Academy Awards the following year, and would win them all. The series would make nearly $4 billion at the worldwide box office.

Women can be ruthless, says former model and madame Jennifer Souness

Being adopted definitely influenced my views around sex. Luckily, shaming women (and men) for doing what humans are genetically designed to do and forcing unmarried mothers to hand over their newborn children is a thing of the past, but from the day I was told of my adoption I struggled to understand why the consequences […]

Could we see the free flights overseas analysts have predicted in New Zealand?

Vietnamese carrier VietJet Aviation has come close to doing that with its 2021 dong (NZ$0.13) flights from northern and central Vietnam to the south over the Lunar New Year holiday period. Major US carriers have also taken drastic steps to entice passengers, scrapping booking change and cancellation fees. So can we expect to see cheaper […]

Māori businesses innovating to meet the challenges of Covid

Learning to be a cut above Adrian Evans started his barbershop, The Gentry, five years ago and had just opened a second shop in Auckland’s new Commercial Bay retail district when the lockdowns brought business to a grinding halt.

Airlines need chance for full flights during school holidays – tourism boss

Tourism Industry Aotearoa chief executive Chris Roberts said the July holidays proved how keen New Zealanders were to explore the country and visit family and friends, however, family travel might be thwarted by physical distancing requirements for the next school holidays.