Brain drain: Loss of leadership experience at Air NZ raises culture concerns for union

Like the Government, Air New Zealand went hard and early in its response to Covid-19. Just days into New Zealand’s alert level 4 lockdown in March the airline said it would be downsizing to a third of what it was pre-pandemic.

A solo father’s guide to money as a single parent

Sole parents have to start saving, and he recommends taking a very careful approach to bills, being ruthless in cutting non-essentials, and selling things that are no longer needed to help stay out of debt, and even taking the hard decision to find new homes for their pets in order to reduce costs.

‘Murica survival kit: Clutching The West Wing like a baby clutches a blankie

I do laugh every time I think of that episode, though – set in the early 2000s, it’s the one where the internet unsavvy White House deputy chief of staff wades into the online jungle like a bright-eyed, wobbly-legged fawn, and is promptly savaged by the rabid creatures that live there.

Covid’s shown the true value of a travel agent

I have personally helped a number of clients who thought booking direct with an airline or an online travel agent based overseas was a smart move.They were left unable to communicate with the online company which was not answering phone calls or took hours to do so and then did not offer a satisfactory solution.

Patrick Gower gets naked, Mark Richardson fights to survive: Five Discovery Channel-Mediaworks crossover shows we need

And safe is exactly what you want when you’re on a fishing boat being battered about by big waves in the Bering Sea, risking life and limb to cash in on crab season.

Women can be ruthless, says former model and madame Jennifer Souness

I also witnessed moments of social change. Modelling in the first foreign fashion show in Russia under Gorbachev’s perestroika (his wife Raisa was a ‘celebrity’ guest) while being closely monitored by the KGB was fascinating, working in Germany when the Berlin wall came down, watching the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo march for their missing children in […]

Could we see the free flights overseas analysts have predicted in New Zealand?

“They didn’t simply cannibalise passengers from Air New Zealand, they actually brought low-cost flying to the masses. They expanded the overall size of the pie and Air New Zealand was able to grow through that period domestically as well… There’s no reason to believe the same thing wouldn’t work in a post-Covid world.”

Lifeline or lottery? Questions of fairness over $400m tourism rescue scheme

Fallout from the Hackett cash There is no doubt that the $10.2m Hackett decision greatly inflamed criticisms of the programme because the company’s wealthy owners include richlister Sir John Davies, and Henry van Asch, whose property portfolio includes one in Darfield with a valuation of almost $7m.

Māori businesses innovating to meet the challenges of Covid

Learning to be a cut above Adrian Evans started his barbershop, The Gentry, five years ago and had just opened a second shop in Auckland’s new Commercial Bay retail district when the lockdowns brought business to a grinding halt.

Lydia Ko aiming for hot form as she seeks Major championship breakthrough

“I think Sean and I have just been trying to work to a place where I’m thinking less and I’m out there hitting it aggressively. I feel like these last five events, the more aggressively I’ve hit it without trying to control where the ball is going, I think the better I’ve been hitting it.