FAA releases 36 pages of proposed fixes for Boeing’s 737 MAX jets

Two deadly crashes involving 737 Max jets operated by Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines caused nearly 350 deaths and led to the grounding of the Max jets in March 2019. Boeing has struggled for months to win approval for the planes to fly again, and in January said that it hoped to have them approved […]

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

XR was also criticised for tactical missteps. Early in the morning of 17 October, a number of protesters climbed on top of a tube train at Canning Town station in order to disrupt rush-hour services. Commuters reacted with anger, and scuffles broke out, with one protester being dragged from the roof of the train. The […]

The American Scientists Who Saved London From Nazi Drones

Ack-ack guns, which usually defended the capital against Luftwaffe bombers, went silent. Shooting at the V-1s over the city, after all, could only succeed in bringing the pilotless aircraft down on their intended target. Gun sites went silent as flocks of noxious drones moaned and blustered, dove, exploded, and wrecked the city anew. After three […]

Missing sailors rescued from Pacific island after SOS signal spotted in the sand

The Australian Defense Force was asked for search and rescue support by the Rescue and Coordination Center in Guam on Saturday. The military ship, Canberra, which was returning to Australia from exercises in Hawaii, diverted to the area and joined forces with U.S. searchers from Guam.

Audi apologises for ‘insensitive’ advert showing little girl eating a banana

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