Air pollution can intensify Covid-19

Along with these roles in increasing susceptibility to infections and worsening infection severity, some reports also suggest a role of air pollution in increasing transmission of the virus. Studies have detected the presence of the virus on air pollution particles, but this does not mean these particles are themselves infectious and current evidence does not […]

Hanoi working hard to combat air pollution

Le Tuan Dinh, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment. — Photo  The construction of an air monitoring systems and inventory of waste sources is important to treat the source of pollution. This can be seen as a foundation for solutions to improve air quality. Could you tell us more […]

UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

Penrose said: “We urgently need a public commitment to reduce air pollution to acceptable levels, a national strategy that prioritises action for children and ring fenced funding to implement this – so that no child is denied their right to clean air.”

Coronavirus: UK has legal duty to review air pollution targets, say lawyers

“Whilst this firm and our clients are sympathetic to the pressures facing government at this time, these matters are necessarily urgent in light of the likelihood of further ‘waves’ of the Covid-19 pandemic,” they said. “The longer the government delays this review, the longer this generation and the next will suffer from the impacts of […]

Emissions linked to high air pollution

In the meantime, the geography of the region determines that pollution generated locally is harder to disperse, especially during fall and winter. Research also found that pollutants traveling from outside into Beijing and Tianjin play a role in worsening local air quality, he added.

Air pollution causes 3m lost working days per year in UK, says CBI

The government has been pushing people to get back into the office, following the sharp rise in people working from home during the coronavirus lockdowns, with warnings of job losses if they fail to return. Ministers are motivated by concern over the loss of business to companies, from public transport providers to sandwich shops, that […]

Air Pollution From California Wildfires in Some Regions ‘Unprecedented’

Suzanne E. Paulson, Director, Center for Clean Air at the University of California at Los Angeles, said the wildfires are having an “enormous impact” on pollution for areas downwind. “There are so many fires burning, and they are taking a long time to control, so populations in many directions from the fires are being impacted,” […]

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

Only a mile or so from the O2, Rosalind Dalton had also been feeling short of breath and needed her Symbicort 200 steroid inhaler. She, too, is a singer, who has been in operatic societies since she was 15, but she says she can’t hold the long phrases these days. She lives near the Woolwich […]

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

The government will boost the development of eco-friendly industry and the circular economy, and strengthen specialized services for green technology and equipment, new types of energy-efficient products and products designed to conserve energy and reduce emissions, the Cabinet said. It also vowed to reinforce international cooperation, foster new growth drivers and enable winwin outcomes for […]

Supreme court may force UK to act on air pollution

But this was rejected by ClientEarth. “The fact that the government’s plans won’t achieve compliance with air-quality standards until 2025 is a disgrace. It thinks that laws that are in place to save lives are “red tape”. That’s why they are refusing to act to tackle air pollution, while at the same time they are […]