Energy-efficient housing is reducing ventilation and trapping air pollution INDOORS – putting the health of children with breathing conditions like asthma at risk

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. After the gas is released into the atmosphere it stays there, making it difficult for heat to escape – and warming up the planet in the process. 

Give councils powers to tackle indoor air pollution, experts urge

“For air quality plans to be successful, they need to be underpinned by local flexibility and sufficient funding, while issues around resourcing and capacity also need to be addressed, as well as educating the public around the need to reduce pollution.”

Making homes more energy efficient has made them more polluted inside

Professor Stephen Holgate, special adviser for the Royal College of Physicians, added: “If we ask our children to spend their childhood days in unhealthy spaces, then we’re storing up problems for future health.”

One in 10 child asthma cases ‘linked to traffic pollution’

Prof Rajen Naidoo, from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, said: “This strengthens the case for the downward revision of these global [pollution] standards and for stronger national policy initiatives in countries without air quality standards.”

Air quality in Mumbai improves to ‘satisfactory’ after days of ‘poor’ air

“A considerable rise in wind speed was witnessed over Mumbai from Tuesday morning onwards that helped disperse the pollutant boundary layer close to the surface. Marginally high day temperature is further assisting reduction in air pollution. This air quality will continue for at least four to five days until any other significant weather changes take […]

Byte, the TikTok rival is now the most-downloaded app on Apple App Store

A new sharing app called Byte was released recently. The TikTok rival has now topped the list of the most-downloaded app on the Apple App Store in US. Byte has been created by Dom Hofmann who was also behind another video sharing service called Vine in 2012, which was later sold to Twitter. As reported […]

Spotify to launch in India with extended free trial, ties up with T-series

The expansion provides a major test of Spotify’s ability to lure customers in what it calls the “rest of world” markets — a group that spans from Australia and Japan to Israel and South Africa. Though Spotify is the largest paid streaming service globally, it is largely limited to three regions: North America, Latin America […]

BTS World: How to Download On iOS and Android Game That Lets You Manage K-Pop Stars

The game is the latest product launched by the K-pop behemoths. Since first appearing in 2013, the septet has found global fame and staged sold-out live performances across the world. The band has broken numerous sales records in America and is the only Korean group to top the U.S. Billboard 200, thanks to their albums […]

Sydney Festival is thrown into chaos as French megastar CANCELS her performances over ‘air quality’ fears – but organisers vow to make her pay

‘Visualise and ask for a ball of monsoon type rain to fall—soaking every area where rains are falling—visualize the fires being put out and all the people and animals safe—visualize the feeling of relief and smiles amongst the people as clean up begins and the air clears,’ the two-time Oscar nominated actress wrote.

Netflix Gets Its Skates On With British YA Drama ‘Zero Chill’ From ‘Free Rein’ Producer Lime Pictures

Production has started in Sheffield, UK, largely taking place at the city’s ice rink, which has been turned into the fictional Hammerstrom Ice Hockey Academy. Deadline understands that the show features a fully skating cast, with a fluid camera style giving the audience the feel of actually being on the ice with the characters. The […]