Air pollution can intensify Covid-19

Along with these roles in increasing susceptibility to infections and worsening infection severity, some reports also suggest a role of air pollution in increasing transmission of the virus. Studies have detected the presence of the virus on air pollution particles, but this does not mean these particles are themselves infectious and current evidence does not […]

Hanoi working hard to combat air pollution

People need to implement the directive of the city People’s Committee on measures to overcome pollution and improve the air quality index, including not using a honeycomb charcoal stoves and other coal; not burning straw and by-products in agricultural production; dumping trash on time at the right place; not burning garbage indiscriminately; limiting the burn […]

UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

A series of reports have outlined the impact of air pollution – including detrimental effects on teenage mental health, a “huge” reduction in intelligence among children growing up in polluted areas, and a record number of asthma deaths.

Coronavirus: UK has legal duty to review air pollution targets, say lawyers

Geraint Davies, the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on air pollution, said: “It is vitally important that the prime minister acts immediately on the emerging science [linking pollution and coronavirus] and on our wide-ranging proposals backed by scientists, businesses, local authorities and 90 parliamentarians.” Davies said Eustice had agreed to meet to discuss the […]

Emissions linked to high air pollution

“Due to these factors, 90 percent of days with severe pollution are in fall and winter, which is a disturbing concern for the public,” Zhao said, adding that the government will continue prioritizing the prevention and control of air pollution during these seasons and deploy more science-based and targeted measures.

Air pollution causes 3m lost working days per year in UK, says CBI

The government’s environment bill has been delayed, but is set to return to parliament this autumn. However, as currently written it will not contain new targets on air pollution. Any binding new targets, to take over from the EU’s regulations, will not be set out until late 2022, after a consultation.

Air Pollution From California Wildfires in Some Regions ‘Unprecedented’

As well as the immediate damage caused, the smoke from the fires has a major impact on people’s health through the inhalation of toxic particles. The smoke contains gases, vapors and particles that can stay airborne for long periods of time. They can travel huge distances to affect communities a long way from the site […]

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

These days air pollution comes largely from diesel engines. It can be best seen when fumes get trapped and a dull orange-grey smog develops. Technically, it is produced by sunlight reacting with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere. When sunlight hits these chemicals, they form airborne particles and the result is […]

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

Wednesday’s meeting called for structural adjustments in energy, industries and transport, with measures to boost the clean use of coal and expedite the transformation of industries producing steel, coke, petrochemicals and construction materials. The shipment of commodities by railway and the use of new-energy cargo vehicles in urban delivery services will be significantly increased.

Supreme court may force UK to act on air pollution

“We encourage people to take sensible precautions based on the levels of air pollution in their region and their health, such as reducing or avoiding strenuous activity and ensuring they have access to their usual medication, such as asthma inhalers,” said a spokesman.