How to create a new blueprint for inclusion in a COVID-19 world

Each one of us is called to step up, and into the light of our privilege to participate in a cohesive narrative of our greatest collective intention: Symphony. This is a true north that serves our humanity and inspires the resuscitation of our individual and organizational latent superpowers–our unique complexities and idiosyncrasies–as our greatest resource, […]

Back to the world of wizardry: JK Rowling working on four new Harry Potter ebooks

After finishing the seven books in the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling kept the magic alive with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘Quidditch Through The Ages’, which were published in March 2001 in aid of Comic Relief. She went on to pen ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ in aid of her […]

COVID-19: Africa to enter recession with 5% growth, World Bank predicts

READ ALSO: Coronavirus: France moves into recession – national bank They include trade and value chain disruption, which impacts commodity exporters and countries with strong value chain participation; reduced foreign financing flows from remittances, tourism, foreign direct investment, foreign aid, combined with capital flight; and through direct impacts on health systems, and disruptions caused by […]

Climate crisis: amid coronavirus lockdown nature bounces back – but for how long?

This is what is happening in the United States and elsewhere. Oil company executives have lobbied Donald Trump for a bailout. Under the cover of the crisis, the White House has rolled back fuel-economy standards for the car industry, the Environmental Protection Agency has stopped enforcing environmental laws, three states have criminalised fossil fuel protesters […]

Headlines ‘exaggerated’ climate link to sinking of Pacific islands

However, as Albert’s paper points out, the ocean has been rising in the Solomon Islands at 7mm per year, more than double the global average. Since the 1990s, trade winds in the Pacific have been particularly intense. This has been driven partly by global warming and partly by climatic cycles – in particular the Pacific […]

Is internet access a human right?

While the US has never decreed that everyone has a “right” to a telephone, we have come close to this with the notion of “universal service” — the idea that telephone service (and electricity, and now broadband internet) must be available even in the most remote regions of the country. When we accept this idea, […]

The Dizzying, Surreal Journey of ‘The Leftovers’

Kevin, the viewer could guess, was considering two rather bonkers answers. One was that he had lost his mind and not his bagel, and would soon join his delusional father in a mental hospital. The other was that the bagel had supernaturally vanished—in the same way that 140 million people, 2 percent of the Earth’s […]

Pattern recognition

October 1965: astronaut Jim Lovell dines with his wife in Lake Kissimmee, Florida. November 1992: drought ends Mozambique’s 17-year civil war and two middle-aged English drifters meet under circumstances of casual violence – a teacher named Cogan and Jinks, an adventurer from the fens, on the run for years, who had “somehow sidestepped the big […]

Four hundred bikers gather to bid goodbye to seven motorcyclists, including Marine veterans, killed in crash with Dodge pickup truck driver who ‘plowed into their procession’

A candlelight vigil was held for the dead bikers on Saturday and was attended by both strangers and people who knew the bikers well, according to NECN. Another vigil and fundraiser have been planned for Wednesday night and will be held at Whitman VFW in Massachusetts.

The First Book About The Coronavirus Is Here, And It’s Terrible

In many places, Žižek is asking the right questions — Why are so many people OK with exploiting blue-collar workers while the privileged sit at home taking conference calls? How did the distrust between the state and people make the outbreak worse in China? Are governments using the pandemic as an excuse to declare a […]