Workplace cleanliness a critical issue for businesses still operating in coronavirus era

Anonymous sources: The Chronicle strives to attribute all information we report to credible, reliable, identifiable sources. Presenting information from an anonymous source occurs extremely rarely, and only when that information is considered crucially important and all other on-the-record options have been exhausted. In such cases, The Chronicle has complete knowledge of the unnamed person’s identity […]

The Latest: Naomi Osaka supports Olympic delay for virus

Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Sevilla’s Jesús Navas will be among the players involved in the charity event organized to raise money “for the purchase of medical supplies in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic and to also support fans confined to their homes during the current period of quarantine,” the league […]

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence restarts coronavirus fundraiser after confusion with NCAA

They created the “Trevor Lawrence and Marissa Mowry COVID-19 Relief Fund” designed to provide direct assistance to families affected by the pandemic.

Athletes, musicians help raise 625,000 euros to fight virus

“It’s nice to see that when people need us, we can unite. I’m proud to be part of something like this,” Pique added. “It will be difficult, we will have to go through some difficult moments. People close to us will suffer, some of us will suffer first-hand, but together we have to overcome this, […]

Reading list: The Denver Post sports department’s favorite sports books to ride out the coronavirus

“Positively Fifth Street,” by James McManus (2003) — Gambling. Murder. The mob. This intricately woven tale of Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker takes readers on a wild ride as McManus makes a run to the Main Event final table while also covering the murder trial of Rick Tabish and Sandy Murphy for […]

Has Euro 2020 been postponed because of coronavirus outbreak, or is it being rearranged?

“I would also like to thank Alejandro Dominguez and CONMEBOL, who have agreed to move CONMEBOL’s 2020 Copa America in order to follow the recommendations issued by the international public health organisations to enact extreme measures and as a result of EURO 2020 being postponed.

Watchdog: Guatemala Needs to Win Back Trust of Media

“However, it’s important to remember that the Guatemalan government has previously implemented similar measures imposing martial law and other restrictions in some regions of the country due to violence or other incidents, and those conditions have absolutely restricted the work of journalists,” she said.

Happy Homecoming; Wisniewski thrilled to join Steelers

“It’s easy to play next to veterans because they’ve seen it all,” Wisniewski said. “ They’re good at communicating and that’s something I do well is communicate and anticipate and I know the Steelers having a veteran line, I know that’s something they’re going to do.”

Game Zero: ‘Biological bomb’ that triggered huge coronavirus outbreak

“If it’s true what they’re saying that the virus was already circulating in Europe in January, then it’s very probable that 40,000 Bergamaschi in the stands of San Siro, all together, exchanged the virus between them. As is possible that so many Bergamaschi that night got together in houses, bars to watch the match and […]