Ravi Teja Starrer Krack Will Not Release On OTT Platform, Confirms Director Gopichand Malineni

Well, it’s indeed a celebratory moment for Ravi Teja fans as they are all set to witness Mass Maharaja’s magic on the big screen. Earlier, during the lockdown period, makers had released the first look poster of Krack featuring Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan on social media. They had urged people to stay at home […]

‘It’s Very Interesting’: Trump Teases He Will ‘Think About’ Declassifying Info on Aliens

“There are millions and millions of people that want to go there, that want to see it. I won’t talk on what I know about it, but it’s very interesting. Roswell is a very interesting place. A lot of people would like to know what’s going on”, said the president said to his oldest son, […]

Aliens ‘Turned Off Nuclear Weapons’ to Show Us How ‘Useless’ They Are, Claims UFO Expert

“The Air Force investigated this secretly, I believe through 1972. I think this thing was not of this Earth. I’m convinced it was not built here, because it was able to send signals to each of our missiles separately. The guidance and control equipment was upset in each one,” said Salas. He was asked, he […]

NBA playoffs schedule 2020: First round dates, times, matchups

• The NBA is continuing with the Summer League/AAU style format with four games a day spread out over the course of the day.Chris Paul, now wearing a Thunder uniform, will take on his former team, the Houston Rockets.released an NBA Finals schedule to teams.

National authorities release guidelines for fall semester

The technical guidance requires students, faculty and staff members at schools from kindergarten to university level to have their temperature taken before entering campus after schools reopen. Large gatherings should be avoided unless necessary. If there is no notice from schools, overseas teachers and students should not go back to campus.

‘Being a single mum is hard’: Ferne McCann says she would like to be in a relationship if she had another child… as she reveals she’s been ‘passing time in lockdown’ on celeb dating app Raya

‘So she’s picked up on that bad habit in lockdown which hasn’t been great, but she’s copying everything that I do! She’s so funny and so cute now, apart from the swearing which she’s done that once and she’s not done it again since..’ 

Pentagon Reportedly Establishes Investigative UFO Task Force

As of today, the Pentagon is reportedly returning to the idea of investigating UFO sightings. US President Donald Trump teased in June that he might know some “very interesting” facts about one of the most intriguing supposedly-alien incidents, which occurred in Roswell in the early 1970s.

Here’s what Ghostbusters looks like without special effects

Mostly, it’s just amazing to see – now that we take special effects for granted – just how much was used and how it was all brought to life nearly 40 (!) years ago. Most of the sets are spruced up in post with overlays, models, and other doo-hickeys, as are even seemingly unnoticeable things […]

‘Unfair to say it’s anyone’s fault’: Vin Diesel defends Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson after Tyrese Gibson slammed him for delaying Fast & Furious 9

On Wednesday he shared another pic of his daughter asleep on his chest, writing: One day we’re going to sit down over tea and laugh about how they tried to turn us on each-other and what they didn’t know is that it only solidified our lifetime #DaddyDaughterBond that will never ever ever be broken.’ 

Total War Saga: Troy will be free for its first day on Epic Games Store in August

Total War Saga: Troy will be available exclusively on Epic Games Store for a year, with a Steam release to follow (there are no plans for cross-play multiplayer). Creative Assembly made it clear that it doesn’t have any plans for future Total War games to be Epic exclusives, but in this case the deal made […]