9/11 and Covid-19: 2 mass trauma events with different recovery challenges

Certain traumas can take us from feeling that we are part of the human community to a place of profound isolation, where our trust in the goodness of others is deeply damaged. As Colbert relayed, “These days, I can’t tell friend from foe. The kindest people feel sorry for me, the fearful ones are cruel […]

Lawmakers push to award posthumous Medal of Honor to Black World War II medic

President Bill Clinton awarded the Medal of Honor to seven Black soldiers in 1997. They were the first Black World War II soldiers to receive the honor. Woodson was on the shortlist to be honored then, according to the release, but was not selected because of the lack of documentation.

Spirit Molecules: Allies for Healing from Trauma

Trauma alters consciousness and it is no surprise that upwards of 70 percent of people with PTSD self-medicate to the point of addiction at some point in their lives. Many more use substances but do not become addicted. Substance use intersects both the natural human urge for inner exploration with the need to suppress unpleasant states. Plants […]

‘Ally-shoring’ will help US rebuild economy and global leadership

An ally-shoring strategy recognizes the interdependent nature of the global economy and trade and the reality of globalized information and supply chains. This is not to suggest that we will not have any economic engagement with China (we will, and we should in many arenas). But it leans into our relationships with those we trust. […]

End the trauma of lone births: Covid rules are forcing thousands of mothers to endure labour without loved ones by their side – as Mail on Sunday launches campaign to stop the practice

That any woman should have to go through all that without someone to hold her hand, scoop her up and give her a hug… well, it breaks my heart. I’m sure it would break theirs. I went on to have two more miscarriages and many more scans. Thankfully my husband attended every appointment, except one […]

Kidnapping: Medical Women, civil society groups protest in Calabar

By Ike Uchechukwu The Medical Women Association of Nigeria, MWAN, Cross River Chapter, International Federation of Women Lawyers, Holy Child Old Girls Association, Nigerian Women of Journalists, Presbyterian Women and others on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest against kidnapping in Calabar.

US Lawmakers Seek Posthumous Medal of Honor for Black D-Day Medic

“Our country and armed forces have for too long overlooked the service of Black soldiers. It’s vital that this generation tell their stories and celebrate heroes from all races, backgrounds and walks of life,” said Brown, himself a Black Army veteran.  

Navalny’s allies claim symbolic council seat gains in regional polls

The independent election monitor group Golos said it had received a “stream of reports” that observers had been denied their legal rights to view documents and submit complaints, with conflicts sometimes ending in “fisticuffs”.

Government employees wait for medical reimbursement

Its representative S. Jayarajarajeswaran told The Hindu on Friday that at least six government employees and their family members who contracted COVID-19 were denied treatment at reputed private hospitals in Madurai unless they paid money upfront even after they produced identity cards and documents to show eligibility under the CMCHS. Later the hospitals did not […]

Russia urges Germany to share Navalny’s medical information: foreign ministry

In a statement, the foreign ministry said not having this information prevents Russia’s law enforcement agencies from establishing what happened after Navalny collapsed on a domestic Russian flight after drinking a cup of tea that his allies said was poisoned.