Demi Moore To Star In Amazon Series ‘Dirty Diana’ Based On Erotic Drama Podcast From Shana Feste

The QCode-produced audio series, loosely inspired by the story of a fractured moment in Feste’s marriage, explores how two partners can find their way back to each other through perseverance, connection, and sex. The idea was to portray sex and longing from a female gaze with female pleasure at its center.

‘Bosch’: Gino Vento & Carlos Miranda To Recur In 7th & Final Season

Drawing from the novels The Concrete Blonde and The Burning Room, the seventh and final season of Bosch will have Harry Bosch (Welliver) and Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) pursuing two separate but perilous murder investigations that will take them to the highest levels of white-collar crime and the deadly depths of the street-level drug trade.

Film Review: Steve McQueen’s New York Film Festival Opener ‘Lovers Rock’

Using plenty of islands argot that will be impossible for outsiders to fully understand, the partiers get down to business right away, pulling out the blunts, flirting and dancing. Given the brevity of the piece, the central figures, Martha (Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn) and Franklin (Michael Ward), necessarily meet early on; he’s the best-looking guy there […]

The problem with Republican doomsday predictions for a Biden presidency

The MAGA takeover of the Republican party certainly has the feel of a revolution. While many of the GOP’s goals remain the same as ever—tax cuts for the wealthy, beefing up military spending at the expense of social services, the fantasia of trickle-down economics—there’s a new, brazen quality to what the party is willing to […]

Love and Monsters, Chicago 7, and everything else you can now watch at home

Director Veena Sud and star Mireille Enos previously collaborated on Sud’s TV series The Killing, another adaptation of a European crime drama — and another one that’s muted and chilly, more focused on human behavior than on sensationalism. The violence in The Lie is limited to a couple of non-explicit scenes. The tension derives more […]

The DC Universe is taking a giant leap into the future

The “Superman Family” line will also feature Shilo Norman as a new Mister Miracle, Yara Flor as a new Wonder Woman from “the Amazon rainforest.” Its three anthology series will feature Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad Midnighter and Wonder Woman stories, L.L. McKinney, Alitha E. Martinez and Mark Morales’ Nubia, and more. Monthly miniseries […]

LMGI Awards Honor ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’ And ‘Last Black Man In San Francisco’

The Municipality of Port Hope Marketing & Tourism Office, Port Hope, Ontario

Google may never make a flagship phone again, and that’s a good thing

Google never really did that. When a new Pixel is released we hear about the Android version and new software features more than we do about the display tech or the processor. Presenting your products this way and seeing an inexpensive Pixel 4a coming with the same software features as the Pixel 4 throws the […]

Francis Ford Coppola’s new cut of The Godfather Part III is shorter than the original

“For this version of the finale, I created a new beginning and ending, and rearranged some scenes, shots, and music cues. With these changes and the restored footage and sound, to me, it is a more appropriate conclusion to The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II.”

Steve McQueen On Capturing The Joys & Struggles With Racism Of London’s ’70s Black West Indies Culture In NYFF Opening Night Film ‘Lovers Rock’

MCQUEEN: Yes. I came a little bit after Lovers Rock when we had the Blues. My parents had them as well in the ‘60s, they were like the Irish shebeens, but they were Blues parties. Lovers Rock is based on my Aunt Molly’s story. She wasn’t allowed to go to these parties, but what my […]