Coronavirus: China would welcome ‘international review’ into COVID-19 pandemic, says ambassador to UK

Tuesday’s theme is Economy and Work. He’ll be joined by the Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, Stephanie Kelton, whose forthcoming book explores how best to deal with issues ranging from poverty to building resilient infrastructure. Alongside them both is Lord Browne, the former chief executive of BP and Stephen Moore, senior economic adviser to […]

A small change with the potential to make a big difference to literacy in NZ

A review of the Copyright Act 1994 is currently on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s agenda. Over the course of this it will be vital to ensure the rights of creators are at the heart of the process. In joint submissions, the Publishers Association of New Zealand, the New Zealand Society of Authors, […]

Vietnam expects President Trump’s participation in APEC 2017

The Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C. on Friday (U.S. time) welcomed a delegation of over 70 advisors and assistants of the key offices and committees of U.S. Congress in the 115th term, who are involved in the nation’s foreign policies and relations with Asia and Vietnam.   

Former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers warns it will take ‘two or three decades’ before the West can create a rival to Huawei

Foreign Office sources told the Daily Mail that there are fears that taking too strong a line with China could impact on Britain’s ability to deal with the pandemic as it relies on the country for vital PPE for frontline workers.

Hits and misses – a long-term mayor reflects

You get to be involved in numerous multi-million dollar projects. Some work out brilliantly well and some are dismal failures, but regardless of the outcome it is an honour and a privilege to work alongside so many skilled professional staff and creative political leaders.

Coronavirus: $232k campaign urges Aucklanders to visit local to boost spending

ATEED said the campaign was partly about encouraging big ticket spending such as staying a night in a hotel in town, but also about Aucklanders going to new parts of the region, seeing sights, and spending money on hospitality and retail.

Former NSW premier John Fahey – who bravely took on a gunman trying to attack Prince Charles and who played a key role in Sydney’s bid for the 2000 Olympics – dies aged 75

“John Fahey gave so much to public life: Premier of NSW for three years, five years as Minister for Finance in the Howard government and, in his final years, as Chancellor of the Australian Catholic University. He was a close and valued colleague of mine.”