American Idol: Peyton Aldridge nearly ruins duet and dreams with Madison Paige over ‘chicken wings’

As the show ended, a performer named Just Sam, 20, who spent her days busking in the New York City subways, fell apart from the stress, getting a headache and crying, as she observed, ‘This audition, it would change my family’s life… I have to do it, I have to make it.’

American Idol abandons studio for production on season 18 as they discuss filming remote amid coronavirus pandemic

According to TMZ, producers wrote in an email to the crew: ‘As we continue to monitor advice from federal and local agencies, it seems unlikely we are going to be able to make it back into the studio for this season of American Idol.’

American Idol: Katy Perry breaks down in tears after contestant Makayla Brownlee suffers seizure

Singers who’d arrived at Hollywood Week together had been separated by Sunday’s duets round, and Kat Luna, a 19-year-old student from Miami, struggled as she performed Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way in front of boyfriend Alex Garrido, 26, who was out.

Even with a pandemic, many older Americans are carrying on as usual

As for the children of these older adults, they’re worried sick. Many think their parents act like teenagers. Nadine Finigan-Carr, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, said she’s hearing all about it from friends. She has an elderly father living in Brooklyn, New York.

Cardinal Newman guard Anya Choice is Chronicle’s Girls Player of the Year

Choice heard enough stories about her mom that she was the first player she wanted to emulate. Consistent with Choice’s three idols, Phillips “played with a lot of heart, hustled and always guarded the team’s best player, I heard,” her daughter said.

Coronavirus live updates: Patients rush to join tests of drug made by Bay Area’s Gilead

10:37 a.m. Bay Area man dies from COVID-19 after waiting hours for ambulance in Florida, family says: A South San Francisco man died late Saturday night from COVID-19 after waiting more than 4 hours for an ambulance from the Coral Princess cruise ship, the latest in a string of vessels to get infected by the […]

Spencon: Inside the collapse of an African construction giant

At the depot, Spencon staff were working on without pay in the hope the company would be saved. Wycliffe Ochieng, the assistant mechanic, said the missing pay was affecting his marriage. Ochieng’s wife began to suspect he was spending his salary on another woman. Eventually she left, forcing him to send his daughter hundreds of […]

A Mouse King, A Boy Prince–And A Cash Cow

In fact, this movie makes almost no concessions to commercialism at all. Clearly, director Emile Ardolino (“Dirty Dancing”) wanted a faithful re-creation of the stage production. The result is exhilarating: watching it is like having the best seats anyone ever had for “The Nutcracker.” In the opening party scene, Marie (Jessica Lynn Cohen) is given […]

I fear that I may get a bad woman

A happy marriage is not a dream, it is a reality that can be realised if a couple invests in each other. If you are a happy couple, then it goes without saying that your marriage will be happy too.

In the Heights review – lively Latino West Side Story-cum-East Enders

The show’s real strength lies in Miranda’s score, with its blend of rap, hip-hop and salsa, and in its choreography. One routine, set in a club on the eve of the Fourth of July, skilfully uses dance to further the story, while Carnaval del Barrio blazingly captures the simmering passions of a local fiesta. A mixed-race cast also persuades […]