Growing up in a violent environment is likely to lead to accelerated aging and disease risk, new review of studies shows

McLaughlin’s lab is testing out ways that pediatricians can screen for signs of violence or deprivation during a routine doctor’s visit. She noted, for instance, that if a child went through puberty early, it could be a signal to screen for adversity and then to develop a treatment plan of four to six visits to […]

Boys State review – amazing study of teenagers running for pretend office

For the Nationalists, the candidate is a Mexican American boy, Steven Garza, with a talent for sincere rhetoric, but whose gun-control views are held against him. His chair, René Otero, is an elegant African American boy originally from Chicago who says he has never seen so many white people before, and who wears half-moon glasses […]

‘Searing anthem on racism’ by WV-born singer draws acclaim

In 1967, Ellison wrote the words and music for “Some Kind of Wonderful,” a tribute to a woman for whom he had strong feelings but had just left behind in order to follow his musical path. The song was written in 30 minutes on the paper bag in which the woman had packed a send-off […]

No toilet paper in the stall? WonderSpray’s portable bidet comes to the rescue

The product is now available through Kickstarter for an early bird price of $65. WonderSpray has several interesting features, including an antibacterial coating around the nozzle head. This helps prevent any bacteria that might splash back onto the device from taking hold. It also has four adjustable spray pressure settings to help you find exactly […]

‘Star Wars’ Legacy I: Five Iconic Directors Recall When George Lucas Changed Everything

We went to an afternoon performance at 2:00, I was eight rows from the front with David Putnam. We sat in there and I never saw or felt audience participation like that, in my life. The theater was shaking. When that Death Star came in at the beginning, I thought, I can’t possibly do Tristan […]

How A 4th Of July Meal Exposes The Coronavirus Risk For Thousands Of US Food Workers

It didn’t take long for the virus to reach the Walmart Supercenter in Worcester, Massachusetts, which has an online inventory that includes Tyson pork ribs and Fuji apples from Rainier Fruit, Allan Bros.’ distributor. (A spokesperson for Walmart said that Tyson pork ribs are not on the store’s shelves at this time.) On April 27, […]

Chef Simileoluwa Adebajo on fire that burned down San Francisco’s first Nigerian restaurant

Right now, San Francisco New Deal has run out of the private funds that we had in the beginning. We had an initial endowment that was donated by some tech CEOs who are interested in obviously giving to the city, and we are running out of those funds. And those funds in particular were the […]

“I’m Going To Be Honest With You,” The Grandfather Told Police. “I Killed A Lot.”

Because this was California, where change, disaster, and head-spinning shifts in state policy came in waves, the retrenchment in local police forces coincided with another dizzying new initiative: a new criminal justice policy that would fill the prisons for years to come. Never mind the recession and the diminishment of public safety statewide, California voters […]

12 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Clare V. to Osprey

Elisa Johnson, daughter of Magic and Cookie Johnson, told us that this Daily Paper sweatshirt and the matching sweatpants below are “worth the investment,” explaining that both are “stylish enough to wear separately with other things from your closet.” At half the price, you can snag both the top and bottom for the price of […]