Native American Writers Call On Industry To “Make Amends” For Stereotypical Portrayals & Inadequate Representation

On an encouraging note, they wrote that Native and Indigenous writers “are changing this narrative and its consequences from within. Just this year, we have had our very first Native female show-runner, and there are currently two Native-led and created television shows in production replete with lead Native characters. Native-led film and television has the […]

US Elections: Indian-Americans seem more confident voting for Trump

“The relationship with India has never been stronger. India is the largest democracy that shares our values. And President Trump and Prime Minister Modi get along so well. But now we are actually partnering with them on defense and trade and other areas,” she said.

Trump is taking credit for the ‘biggest and best’ GDP in American history. Here are the facts

Millions of families continue to struggle with food insecurity, according to data collected through the Census Pulse survey. As of mid October, 23 million households didn’t have enough to eat either “sometimes” or “often” over the course of a week, up from 14 million prior to when the pandemic struck in early March.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle want to build their own ‘American dream’: report

The author also added that he does not believe Meghan and Harry will keep Archewell linked to Britain. “She has lived that story, rising to marry her Prince. It is unlikely that the organisation will make much use of the couple’s royal connection apart from Harry.”

From Paris Hilton Stylist to American Media Phenomenon: Kim Kardashian Turns 40

Since October 2007, the whole Kardashian family have appeared in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which became insanely popular in the United States, and has made Kim, by getting her to endorse a variety of products, an international superstar and extremely wealthy woman. 

Vietnamese police take one month to track down American fugitive before arrest

Astle is suspected to have been involved in sexual exploitation of children in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, and is known to have traveled to Thailand and Costa Rica, the Arizona Republic news site reported, citing Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone.

American Medical Association rips Trump’s claim that doctors inflating COVID numbers

“In Germany and other places, if you have a heart attack, or if you have cancer, you’re terminally ill, you catch COVID, they say you die of cancer, you died of heart attack. With us, when in doubt ‘choose COVID.’ It’s true, no, it’s true. Now they’ll say ‘oh that’s terrible what he said,’ but […]

Native Americans honor Lolita the orca 50 years after capture: ‘She was taken’

After laying a wreath of cedar brought from the Pacific Northwest into the ocean, Morris, Kinley and Tommie played a flute song and drummed for Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut, mournfully calling her name across the water in hopes that the sound would carry to her.

American Airlines pilot: Thousands of us could lose our jobs this week if Congress doesn’t step up

As an American Airlines pilot, I’ve seen up close Covid-19’s destructive impact on our company and industry. A quick glance around any large US airport tells the story, with largely empty terminals and dozens of parked aircraft. For those of us still flying, our hours, and thus paychecks, have been reduced. Many of my colleagues […]

On stimulus, Trump is toying callously with American lives, including mine

It took three months and many phone calls, including to my local assemblyman and state senator’s office before my first unemployment check hit. And I’m still owed backpay. For the last seven months filing for unemployment, figuring out which bill to prioritize and trying to stay informed on what Washington is doing about this crisis […]