Ask Amy: Fellow hiker needs firm and friendly treatment

Let’s recap: The line, “What kind of wife do you have? A luck one” is one of those unfunny passively insulting comments that pop up in bad sitcoms. You seem to interpret this as high praise, but I’d emphasize that the “lucky wife” is actually a reference to how awesome the husband is.

Ask Amy: Dad seems to vie for his son’s attention

Dear Wondering: Your boyfriend is acting jealous because he probably is jealous. Jealousy is a real human emotion, and parents sometimes feel jealousy toward their kids’ favorite teachers, aunts and uncles, spouses and partners because parents are human. Parents are not perfect and don’t always respond in ideal ways. And as much as children receive […]

Ask Amy: Mom’s addiction and abuse roils household

Some people report success by recording or filming the other person’s behavior and then confronting them with the evidence. However, you should not set out to shame your mother, but to allow her to simply see herself. A 12-step recovery program might work for her; she should also see her physician for medical treatment options.

Ask Amy: Old love letters don’t age so well

Yes, his siblings should worry about you both. Yes, they should get in touch to make sure you are OK and to offer support. If your husband didn’t reach out as often, his siblings might choose to pick up the phone, but you should not push him to cut them off out of spite (he […]

Amy Schumer reveals Lyme Disease diagnosis and says she ‘may have had it for years’ as comedian asks fans for advice

She continued: “But right now, we were going to try and make a move and COVID happened. And now I’m just rocking back like ‘okay maybe I’ll just revisit that in a minute. And now I’m just rocking back like ‘okay maybe I’ll just revisit that in a minute.’”

‘Body Image’ Brawl Continues: Khloe Tweets About Amy’s SNL Monologue

Irrespective of what the comments meant from each fan’s perspective, we shouldn’t forget how important it is to feel comfortable in our own skin and also, stop encouraging the idea of a perfect body structure. Many celebrities and common people are subject to body shaming as it is!

Amy Schumer reveals she has Lyme disease

“It took a few years of heavy medication … I’m feeling good and every year I just get stronger and stronger. I have to keep on top of my health and it just comes down to eating well, sleeping well, having a good balance, healthy lifestyle. I still get days where I’m like, ‘ugh,’ but […]

Amy Childs stuns in a pale blue swimsuit as she carries bottles of wine to visit a pal during brief break from TOWIE filming after nine year absence

‘I felt like I really needed this to get my confidence back. I was focusing on my kids and my business and I needed this to focus on myself again, so that definitely means seeing me more on TV.’ 

Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests

Protesters gathered at the Hart Senate Building atrium after Capitol Police barricaded the front of the Capitol. The Women’s March, a liberal organization that originated as a grassroots movement in opposition to President Donald Trump, was one of multiple groups tweeting from the protest at the Capitol building.

Larry David, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Wandy Sykes, Migos & More Join Michelle Obama & ATTN Election Comedy Special On ABC

“Voter participation is in ATTN:’s DNA, and we hope that we can create an event that will speak to all generations, young and old, in a way that shows them that by engaging in the political process, we have an exceptional opportunity to have our voices and values reflected at every level of government,” said […]