Agriculture 2.0: With drones, analytics and mobile apps, agri-tech startups are tackling India’s farming problems

Given the recent heatwave which blazed its way across the nation, grassroots economies certainly took a hit. A 2018 report, titled ‘State of Indian Farmers’, released by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) surveyed 5,000 farm households across 18 states and found 76% farmers said they would leave farming for another occupation. […]

Can New Education Policy boost tech adoption?

The new education policy emphasises on an experiential, integrated, student-focused, collaboration-based and analysis-driven pedagogy, aiming at holistic development of the child. Technology will play a huge role in achieving these objectives. To keep up with the digital transformation across the globe, educators and school principals must use technology as the key instrument to shape the […]

Massive breakthrough: 155 mm howitzer artillery destroys incoming cruise missile

The success of the shoot-down, Roper added, relied upon the integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data analytics increasingly able to gather, organize and analyze data with great reliability in a near-instantaneous fashion. So not only will air-sea-and land targeting sensors have an ability to exchange information across otherwise disparate information systems, but AI-enabled algorithms can […]

Four pillars for the security of the public cloud

In an interview with ETCISO.IN, Siddharth Deshpande, Principal Analyst, Gartner talks about four pillars for the security of the public cloud. Further he gives his view on how enterprises can re-skill the existing employees and align them with security.What are the challenges that enterprises face while adopting cloud?The foremost challenge for enterprises is to acquire […]

How Silicon Valley turned true innovation into an overhyped delusion

AR: It’s not an either/or but can be a both/and. Some of the firms we’ve interviewed and the people we talked to who work in maintenance really rely on new technologies or innovative approaches, whether it’s using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics and the internet of things—all these terms that are buzzwords if they’re not […]

Microsoft’s TypeScript language: Startup reveals long journey to JavaScript spin-off

Developer Software developers: How plans to automate coding could mean big changes ahead Developer jobs: Demand for programming language Python falls amid pandemic Visual Studio 2019: Now IntelliSense linter for C++ programming language cleans up code Apple Silicon promises more powerful Macs, but developers face growing pains (ZDNet YouTube) The Best Web Hosting Providers (CNET) […]

Designing and Building Future Spaces with Powerful Technologies, at GTC

Learn about the latest advancements in physically based rendering, engineering simulation, immersive virtual reality and deep learning applications. Hear from leading experts and firms on new techniques and innovations that help AEC professionals handle complex building and infrastructure projects more effectively. And get the latest on NVIDIA Omniverse, the real-time graphics and simulation platform that […]

Cyber security: Why banks may be vulnerable

“Banks are taking cyber security very seriously,” says a lawyer helping banks develop their cyber-security policies, “but are finding ways to avoid certain tough decisions. For instance, in some banks the CISO’s role has been clubbed under the chief technology officers’s ambit, which is not ideal.”

What Is Edge Computing, and Why Does It Matter?

Corporate IT used to be a static affair. People worked in vast cubicle farms, toiling under the harsh glare of halogen light. It made sense for their data and business-critical applications to be located nearby. Businesses would shove servers into well-ventilated rooms on the premises, or they’d rent space in a local data center.

The Spill, The Scandal and the President

Nowhere was the absurdity of the policy more evident than in the application that BP submitted for its Deepwater Horizon well only two months after Obama took office. BP claims that a spill is “unlikely” and states that it anticipates “no adverse impacts” to endangered wildlife or fisheries. Should a spill occur, it says, “no […]