Jiggle Physics 46: State of Play; Marvel’s Avengers beta

under mouse and key Use your mouse and keyboard with these PS4 games Here are a few of the PS4 games that might be a bit easier to play with mouse and keyboard. Note, however, that not every game on this list lets you use a mouse and keyboard to play the game.

Mozilla launches VPN service to help protect your privacy

Mozilla announced Wednesday that its virtual private network service is now available on Windows, with support for Android devices scheduled to arrive later this week. The release could give Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser, a little financial independence.

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

Similar to Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia, the service will allow users to play games using cloud computing – having the games run on hardware the phones are connecting to remotely, giving gamers the ability to play higher-quality games on their mobile devices.