California Early Earthquake Alerts To Be Standard On Android Phones

“This announcement means that California’s world-class earthquake early warning system will be a standard function on every Android phone — giving millions precious seconds to drop, cover and hold on when the big one hits,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement.

WhatsApp may make it easier to access chats across iPhones and Android phones

If anyone has ever switched from an Android phone to an iPhone — or vice versa — they know that one thing that they certainly have to compromise is on their WhatsApp chats. The popular chat platform doesn’t offer support for cross-platform chat history sync as Android users get to keep their backup on Google […]

Over one BILLION Android phones may be at risk of 400 ‘Achilles’ vulnerabilities which let hackers turn handsets into spying tools

‘For vendors, it means they will need to recompile each and every DSP application they use, test them, and fix any issues [that] may occur,’ said Balmas. ‘Then they need to ship these fixes to all devices in the market.’

Android 11 to make autofill for passwords even better with keyboard integration

What you need to know Google is looking to make auto-filling passwords much better with Android 11. A new developer page for the OS outlines the company’s plans for integrating the autofill API with the keyboard. The feature is already being tested on Gboard.

Android phones in California will now automatically get earthquake alerts

Californians can also receive ShakeAlert earthquake warnings through the state’s wireless emergency alerts, but the cell-based system does not always reach those using only Wi-Fi and can be slowed by poor cell reception and a person’s distance from nearby towers, Stogaitis said.

Google introduces Bedtime to older Android phones, updates Lookout and Android Auto

The company is also redesigning the app so that it works better with Android’s native screen-reader, TalkBack. As it is an app for the visually impaired, making sure that it is optimized as much as possible for that audience is key in its usefulness, and Google says it’s responded to user feedback with the redesign.

Google is building a crowdsourced earthquake detection system using Android phones

When the accelerometer in an Android smartphone detects movement consistent with an earthquake, a signal will be sent to Google’s earthquake detection server along with “coarse” location information. If many phones send in a signal simultaneously, the system could interpret this as valid earthquake activity and, once fully implemented, issue a warning to users in […]

Google rolls out a global earthquake detection network powered by Android phones

When a phone detects an earthquake, it will send a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server, along with a rough location of where the shaking happened. Google can then combine the data from several phones to determine the epicenter of the earthquake. Google also hopes to soon use the technology to share more accurate earthquake […]

OnePlus teases upcoming features from Android 11-based OxygenOS update

As per a report by 9to5Google, OnePlus has hinted at three major aspects of the upcoming operating system update. Firstly, the company is set to roll out a ‘major UI design’. Even though the company didn’t go into detail in terms of what that may include, it does say that the images hint that the […]

California Quake Alerts To Be Standard On Android Phones

SACRAMENTO (AP) – California’s earthquake early warnings will be a standard feature on all Android phones, bypassing the need for users to download the state’s MyShake app in order to receive alerts, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said.