Latest WhatsApp update rolls out 138 new emojis on Android beta

WhatsApp is also reportedly testing a “Mute Always” option to let users put an individual or a group chat on mute till they use the app. Another new feature that the messaging app is testing is “Expiring messages”, aka disappearing messages. The feature will auto-delete a particular message after a stipulated time set by the […]

Gove says UK law will specifically recognise animal sentience

Lucas added: “The government’s refusal to accept this amendment is simply absurd – and their continued insistence that sentience is covered in animal legislation is wrong. Britain been forward thinking animal welfare over the years, which is why ditching this provision would be such a backwards step. The UK government led on introducing this EU […]

Consumer cos Tinder, McDonald’s, others look to advertise on WhatsApp through stickers and GIFS

Top consumer companies such as Tinder, McDonald’s, Tide, Reebok and Zomato are finding a backdoor to advertise on WhatsApp, the most-used messaging application, through fun and quirky stickers and GIFs.These companies hope to make their presence felt through branded GIFs and stickers that will be made available through keyboard applications that people can download, access […]

3 Latin Directors on the Future of Animated Music Videos: ‘They’re Here To Stay’

“This video was initially supposed to be a Live-Action but because of the pandemic, we had to turn things around and make it fiction,” Texas-based Mexican director Jesús Cázares tells Billboard. “We had our doubts at the beginning but it was something different and everyone was happy at the end. Both Chiquis and Becky portrayed […]

Updated WhatsApp Statuses let you share photos and videos that disappear

WhatsApp messages let you send photos, videos, and, most recently, gifs in individual conversations, but this is the biggest push we’ve seen from the company to embrace visual communication. As a Facebook-owned app, it’s likely WhatsApp’s parent company is trying to make as much competition for Snapchat as possible. WhatsApp only now supports visual stories, but Instagram […]

India’s tiger population increases by almost a third

Demand for their body parts for use in traditional medicine in China and elsewhere in east Asia remains robust. Leopards and rhinos are also targeted. Prosecution of poachers is rare, convictions rarer and intelligence-led preventive policing non-existent.

Viewers angry after Michael Phelps loses race to computer-generated shark

Phelps had prepared for the race by diving in a cage and coming face-to-face with real sharks. “Being able to get in the water with these guys where I’m literally face-to-face with some of the most majestic creatures you’ve ever seen, that was a treat,” he said. “I was literally within a foot of multiple […]

Video of monkey napping prompts people to share funny stories

Shared on the micro-blogging site by IFS officer Sudha Ramen, the video is about 14 seconds long. It shows a monkey sitting beneath a tree napping. Towards the end of the clip, the animal suddenly jolts awake as if remembering that this is not the place where he should sleep.

The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy review – aching, poignant and pressing debut

McConaghy also structures much of the book and fleshes out her characters according to metaphor: Franny, who often describes herself as “a creature”, has so deep an identification with birds that she often dreams of turning into one, or of her throat filling with feathers; her wanderings around the world are described as instinctual and […]

Migos review – hot stuff from hip-hop’s dream meme team

“Momma told me (ugh) / Not to sell work (Momma!),” runs a typical opening of T -Shirt, one of the best songs from Culture. In a world where reaction is as much a part of a cultural product as the product itself, these vocal ad libs work very much like auditory emojis, or comments below […]