ICT: TETFUND empowers 100 Oko Polytechnic staff in Anambra

On the expectations of participants from the training, Nwafulugo said she hoped to see an increased ICT skills and confidence in computer age among them and announced that all participants would be gifted with a brand new configured HP laptop computer to aid them in their work.

Te Papa investigates if it has paid staff correctly in Holidays Act review

A dedicated team within the Labour Inspectorate has been focused on Holidays Act non-compliance. In February 2016, the inspectorate wrote to what it believed were the country’s largest employers and asked them about their employees and payroll system.

Covid-19 vaccine: best keep the ‘free’ market out of it

It looks as though the world has found a vaccine to fight the pandemic, but this is a story confined to powerful countries like the U.S. and China. As a doctor contacting hundreds of patients every day, I truly hope Vietnam will get access to the vaccine as soon as possible. Only when every person […]

HCMC convenes urgent meeting on Covid-19 prevention

Concerning meeting between the flight attendant and another flight attendants from Romania, Director Binh stressed that Vietnam Airlines managers must be responsible for this. The flight attendant from Romania and 8 other attendants tested positive on November 25; they were rushed to quarantine ward in Cu Chi District.

California shuts down to curb coronavirus surge. Will it work?

Neither Breed nor Dr. Grant Colfax, head of the Department of Public Health, said they had plans to issue another full stay-at-home order. Instead, they said they are considering restrictions like those announced last weekend in Santa Clara County. That order includes limits on retail capacity and gatherings, plus a travel quarantine. It also forbids […]

Prince Andrew is pictured horse riding at Windsor Castle amid reports he’ll miss Christmas with the Queen as the monarch finalises plans for a three-house bubble to abide by Covid rules

Multiple sources told The Daily Mail earlier this month that it is highly unlikely Prince Andrew will ever return to life as a working royal, even if the Duke of York does finally speak to US officials over his close friendship with convicted paedophile Epstein. 

Baton Rouge Catholic schools are doing it differently: Check out info on in-person class this month

She said she’s “terrified” and thinks the Catholic schools should follow the lead of some public schools and wait longer to reopen, until the virus subsides. And she’s been less than happy with what she sees as the insufficient precautions her sons’ schools are taking. Stefan acknowledged that many of her fellow parents aren’t so […]

NZ’s welcomed a lot of nice people, few trailblazers through immigration: NZIER

The recent decision by the Government to allow in 2000 RSE workers under strict conditions, including covering the cost of managed isolation and offering pay of a minimum of $22.10 an hour, looked like the Government saying it did not want a two-tier labour market system, said Fry.

Chinese get 70 per cent of NZ entrepreneur work visas

Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope said the most important question looking at the entrepreneur work visa statistics was not national diversity but how many applicants were “driving transformation”, working in high-growth, high-value sectors, or exporting.

‘Nightmare’ Holiday Act to be overhauled

The announcement comes after it was revealed thousands, if not millions, of part-time workers could be missing out on their annual leave entitlements because of a flawed process of calculating payments. Unions said workers in restaurant chains, cinemas, and security had been affected, with the finger pointed directly at fastfood giants McDonald’s and Wendy’s, which had […]