Facebook removes almost 800 QAnon groups for inciting violence

Facebook has been under increasing pressure to curb the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories, especially in the months leading to the 2020 presidential elections. The social network said that hundreds of thousands of its users belong to one or more QAnon group, but declined to give more information. 


You’ve read the stories that result from what these mysterious hordes of Republicans have to say about the pickle they’ve gotten themselves into with this president. The split between the official line and the whispered one is so dramatic that the phenomenon of rampant quiet discontent has been a subplot of the entire administration. There […]

Trump has shown little respect for U.S. science. So why are some parts thriving?

Soon after his appointment in 2017, then–EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt launched several major changes that would likely help ease regulations of PM2.5, which is linked to increased heart and lung diseases and premature deaths. He banned any EPA-funded scientist from serving on advisory boards that vet proposed regulations, but kept the door open to people […]