Nashville mother, 40, calls police to confess she suffocated her baby daughter with a plastic bag 10 years ago and covered up the murder

Following her telephone confession on January 31, Sakwall was interviewed in person at the police headquarters and reportedly admitted to suffocating the baby with a plastic bag ‘due to what she said was the disruption to her life caused by having the child.’ 

Government pandemic exercise predicted four years ago that Asian respiratory virus would overwhelm an NHS but was too horrifying to ever be published

‘We are delivering a science-led action plan to contain, delay, research and mitigate the outbreak and have acted swiftly to contain and slow the spread of the virus significantly to save lives and support our NHS.’

Michael Gove says coronavirus tests have FINALLY hit 10,000 a day – but still can’t say when all NHS frontline staff will get checks

The official UK coronavirus death toll has risen by 209 in 24 hours from 1,019 to 1,228;  Boris Johnson is said to be ‘very firmly in charge’ of the government’s response despite being isolated in No11 Downing Street;   Tony Blair has warned that more than 180million tests might need to be carried out in Britain […]

Tehran says missing former U.S. agent left Iran years ago

“Iran has always maintained that its officials have no knowledge of Mr. Levinson’s whereabouts, and that he is not in Iranian custody. Those facts have not changed,” the spokesman for Iran’s mission at the United Nations, Alireza Miryousefi, said on Thursday.

Finally! Government has placed order for 10,000 ventilators to be made by Ford, Airbus and Rolls-Royce in fight against coronavirus

The companies are part of the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium, speaking in the Sunday Telegraph today, it’s leader Dick Elsy, said: ‘This project is a testament to the fantastic people who, in a little over a fortnight, have come together to provide a solution to the challenge we are facing.’

Archeologists discover ancient 1,000-year-old Mayan palace in Mexico

Along with the palace, Mexican experts are exploring four other structures in the area known as “Group C” in Kuluba’s central square, including an altar, remnants of two residential buildings and a round structure believed to be an oven.

Coronavirus: UK ‘warned 3 years ago’ pandemic would swamp NHS with ‘terrifying’ results

A classified report on Cygnus’s findings – which has never been made public – highlighted problems delivering protective equipment such as masks and gowns to health workers, an issue which has been frequently raised by medics battling Covid-19.

Auschwitz was liberated 75 years ago. But survivors know anti-Semitism is alive and well

The commemoration at Auschwitz-Birkenau, on the outskirts of the town of Oswiecim in southern Poland, was the culminating event in a month of global Holocaust observations. They included prayers at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, last week with world leaders and government representatives of several countries, as well as observations from Los Angeles […]

Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Dishes on What Barack and Michelle Were Like 25 Years Ago

“And so their core values, their kind of moral compass, their caring about people who are left behind and who they need to be lifted up with some support — all of those core principles were there,” she continued. “And I’ve enjoyed watching them marry and grow and raise these two amazing daughters.”

‘Incredibly rare’ grave of 2,000-year-old Iron Age warrior armed with sword found

ASE archaeologist Jim Stevenson, who is managing the post-excavation investigations into the burial, said: “There has been much discussion generally as to who the people buried in the ‘warrior’ tradition may have been in life.