Louisville mayor declares racism a public health crisis

Fischer on Tuesday laid out a plan targeting seven areas for the city’s elected officials and residents, including public safety, support for children and families, Black employment, Black wealth, housing and neighborhood investment, health and voting.

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Rocked by Racism Claims

But staffers emphasized that the problems did not begin and end with Callen. Several staffers accused the previous executive director of making insensitive comments, and noted that a Black state field director left last year—shortly before Callen joined the organization—because of issues with racism. The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, which was accused […]

Policy center calls for new lawmakers to make diverse hires

Findings published in August from the center show that 11 percent of top Senate staffers were people of color, an increase of 4 percentage points from 2015. However, the number is still significantly disproportionate, as people of color make up 40 percent of the U.S.’s population.

Orthodox Jews vs Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo—Why New York is Battling Anti-lockdown Protests

Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, said the group would consider a court fight if the state wasn’t open to changing a new 10-person limit for houses of worship in areas with a high concentration of new cases, AP reported.

Executive at nonprofit that helped in Georgia audit has history of anti-Trump tweets

Despite the assurances, the tweets could fuel suspicions among conservatives that, once again, left-leaning tech workers from California are playing an important role in the election. Trump supporters have already accused Facebook and Twitter of protecting Biden from potentially damaging stories about his son Hunter Biden in the lead up to the election. Sidney Powell, a […]

Rare Mnuchin-Powell spat takes center stage at COVID-19 hearing

“It looks like you and the president and others in the current administration are trying to spend your final days in office preemptively sabotaging the next administration’s efforts to clean up your mess,” said Sen. Sherrod BrownSherrod Campbell BrownBiden budget pick sparks battle with GOP Senate Warren, Brown voice support for controversial Biden budget office […]

Video of French Police Beating Black Man Watched 14 Million Times, as Macron Plans Footage Clampdown

“The images we have all seen of the aggression against Michel Zecler are unacceptable, they are shameful for all of us. France should never allow violence or brutality, no matter who it comes from. France should never let hate or racism prosper,” Macron said in a statement on Facebook.

Oregon Man Claims He Killed a Black Teen in Self-Defense. An Autopsy Suggests Otherwise.

“The only thing that caused this murder was suspect’s actions, 100 percent. It is completely immaterial what led up to it,” Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara said in a Thursday statement. “Yes, there was an argument over music, no, this did not happen because of loud music, it happened because the suspect chose to bring […]

Alleged hate groups get tax breaks as registered charities

When the IRS designates an organization as a charity, the group doesn’t have to pay federal taxes and, in many cases, property taxes. Contributions from donors are also tax-deductible. During the last decade, these 90 SPLC-designated hate groups that are also registered as charities received more than $1 billion in tax-deductible donations.

‘I was trying to put on a brave face but I was struggling’: Alex Scott candidly discusses being trolled online as she fills in for Alex Jones on The One Show

‘I want to take that stigma away from it. Now when I talk about mental health, straight away I’m smiling because I know what it’s done for me to leave that place. I’m content. I’m happy, and I’ve used the tools that I’ve learned to be in that place.’