Louisville mayor declares racism a public health crisis

Louisville became a focal point for protests calling for racial justice and police reform earlier this year following the death of Breonna Taylor. Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police officers in March as they executed a no-knock warrant at her home.

Alleged hate groups get tax breaks as registered charities

Three years after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, one of the groups allegedly involved in inciting violence at the event has been granted tax-exempt status as a charity. And it’s not the only organization viewed by some as a hate group that is receiving financial benefits from the federal government in […]

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Rocked by Racism Claims

It has also, in the eyes of some reproductive rights advocates, made some serious missteps. This spring, Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania PAC chose to endorse Adam Ravenstahl, a state representative who only recently decided to vote in favor of abortion rights, over a woman candidate who had always supported them. Later in the cycle, the […]

Saigon’s mega anti-flooding project at risk of suspension

Trung Nam insisted that it had fulfilled all terms and conditions in the build-transfer contract it had signed with the city, and that the concerned municipal department had approved changes in the use of steel. The firm also gave its assurance that the quality of the Chinese steel used for the valves was suitable with […]

11pm Man Utd transfer news LIVE: January targets, Cavani faces FA racism probe, Van de Beek’s swollen ankle

Manchester United jumped to Cavani’s defence, insisting: “It is clear to us that there was absolutely no malicious intent behind Edinson’s message and he deleted it as soon as he was informed that it could be misconstrued.

Rights groups urge F1 action on Bahraini activist

“At absolutely no point has Najah Yusuf been charged or accused of comments relating to F1. Ms Yusuf was convicted of serious terror offenses. At no point during her trial did Ms Yusuf’s defence claim that her right to free expression, or to protest against the F1, had been infringed. Attempts to link this case […]

Republican Senators Find Anti-Trump Messages on Body Bags at Their Homes

NEW: sources close to @SenatorCollins tell me she found a number of body bags on her porch in DC this morning — the signs on the bags read “TRUMP COVID DEATH” … “270,000” and more pic.twitter.com/E13Weluvic

Fact Check: Did Dominion Voting Systems Make Campaign Donations to ‘Anti-Trump’ Republican PAC?

Dominion Voting Systems was used by election officials in 28 states during the 2020 election cycle, including several key battleground states, such as Nevada. The voting software company has continued to face backlash from Trump’s legal team, which has claimed that the company used software to steal the election.

Women linked with anarchist group charged with terrorist attack on train tracks north of Seattle

According to its website, It’s Going Down is a digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Its statement said railroad blockades were meant to help the Wet’suwet’en Nation in their fight against “colonial invasion” and that the U.S. and Canadian governments must stop “violently supporting those members of the 1% who […]

Orthodox Jews vs Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo—Why New York is Battling Anti-lockdown Protests

The new restrictions are split across three categories (Red Zone, Orange Zone, Yellow Zone), each of which dictates different capacity limits for houses of worship, mass gatherings, businesses, dining venues and schools. The new rules also include a $15,000 fine to anyone who organizes a mass gathering.