Black in Fashion Council to drive industry’s reckoning with racism

Fashion has long had a race problem, from a lack of diversity on catwalks and within those behind the scenes at shows and shoots, to multiple missteps over cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity, and the recent Black Lives Matter protests have catalysed a moment of reckoning. Brands are being called out for hollow statements of […]

Piers Corbyn avoids fine after being found GUILTY of breaking coronavirus restrictions at anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park in May

Last week the court considered dropping the case because police were accused of ‘abuse of process’ by singling out Corbyn, partly because he was the former Labour leader’s brother, on a day when they made no arrests at a much larger Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Jewish campaigners accuse Jeremy Corbyn of ‘trying to underscore’ dead paedophile ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewishness’ as Labour leader’s pronunciation of ‘Epschteen’ blows up into ANOTHER full-blown anti-Semitism row

The Liberal Democrats and SNP on Monday lost a High Court challenge to have Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon included in the debate. The two parties claimed ITV’s decision was unlawful because it breached impartiality rules. Lawyers for the Lib Dems claimed that with Labour sitting on the fence on Brexit, ‘the voice of Remain […]

Sislin Fay Allen: Britain’s first black policewoman honoured with lifetime achievement award

More from Metropolitan Police Teenager hit 180mph as he led police on half-hour motorbike chase Met Police: Urgent appeal for ‘high harm offenders’ launched Met Police stopped and searched black men over fist-bump, review finds Burglar caught after leaving half-eaten peach at crime scene Matt Ratana shooting: Police sergeant died from gunshot wound to the […]

OPINION: In order to fix Thanksgiving, we must acknowledge and teach its blood-stained origin

RELATED:  Holiday season creates holiday stress While some or all of these realities may be shocking, they should come as no surprise. American history as it is taught today is rife with mischaracterizations of events and omitted facts that serve to obscure the extent to which white supremacy has shaped the past and continues to […]

No I.D. Still Believes We Can Fix the Music Industry

With no one to mediate, interactions can become increasingly opaque and frustrating. A label, for example, may refuse to approve an artist’s marketing budget until the artist picks a release date for an album. “Transparency is more your friend in these situations,” No I.D. says. But because “most companies are so vilified, the artist wants […]

What ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ ‘The Crown’ and ‘Mrs. America’ are whispering to us

Situating these experiences in the past makes the sexism, when it appears, instantly recognizable for the viewer. Take a scene from the first episode of “Mrs. America,” when conservative activist Schlafly meets with Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater. Goldwater knows Schlafly — she was a committed activist who supported his 1964 presidential bid — and greets […]

Broadway Stage Managers Form Group To Expand BIPOC Opportunities, Plan First Networking Event

“The theater industry is a beautiful community to be a part of, and one we are grateful to have forged success and meaningful relationships in,” said Cave, Jenkins and Smith. “But we recognize the many challenges that face aspiring theater-makers, especially from within BIPOC communities, to making inroads to the small group of decision-makers who […]

The European leader who created a template for Trump’s 2024 plans

While Berlusconi’s ownership of private television networks gave him more influence over broadcast audiences than Trump commands and he carried far less personal debt, the Italian leader shared a similar interest in remaining in power to avoid potential prosecution. He never stopped campaigning, even when he was out of office, and his base of followers […]

Jerry Brown interview transcript: On fights worth fighting, runaway legislatures and ‘stupid’ laws

I’ve given this some thought. Not being governor, but having been governor, I can take a very prominent role in the effort to combat climate change, the effort to improve nuclear dialogue with Russia, China and other countries. These are very important issues, and I think that given my experience and prominence, I will be […]