Black in Fashion Council to drive industry’s reckoning with racism

Backed by a coalition of more than 400 black models, stylists, executives and editors, and an executive board that includes GQ deputy fashion editor Nikki Ogunnaike, Shiona Turini, the costume designer responsible for the outfits on the TV series Insecure and the film Queen and Slim, as well as the founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, […]

Jewish campaigners accuse Jeremy Corbyn of ‘trying to underscore’ dead paedophile ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewishness’ as Labour leader’s pronunciation of ‘Epschteen’ blows up into ANOTHER full-blown anti-Semitism row

The genuine animosity between these two men was as obvious from their body language as it was when they walked together frostily during entrance to the Queen’s speech. Despite looking slightly more amused by his opponent, Boris continually flung a backward thumb-jerk in Corbyn’s direction in a gesture of dismissive ridicule while Corbyn spent the […]

The European leader who created a template for Trump’s 2024 plans

The billionaire Berlusconi laid down a template Trump would follow for the exercise of an autocratic style of governance within a nominal democracy. Loyalty to the head of state, rather than expertise, was the primary qualification for serving in his government, and the time and resources of his party, Forza Italia, were directed to fending […]

What ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ ‘The Crown’ and ‘Mrs. America’ are whispering to us

Situating these experiences in the past makes the sexism, when it appears, instantly recognizable for the viewer. Take a scene from the first episode of “Mrs. America,” when conservative activist Schlafly meets with Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater. Goldwater knows Schlafly — she was a committed activist who supported his 1964 presidential bid — and greets […]