Louisville mayor declares racism a public health crisis

The mayor’s office on Tuesday announced a slate of projects and initiatives within each of the categories, ranging from recruiting “a police chief to build a culture of guardianship and corresponding budget reallocation” for city law enforcement to assisting Black-owned businesses and providing additional COVID-19 “testing in the Black community.”

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Rocked by Racism Claims

Signe Espinoza, PPPA’s policy director, said she was present during a meeting last month when someone brought up the controversial 1950s birth control trials in which doctors tested the then-experimental pill on women in Puerto Rico’s housing projects. Espinoza says an older male board member insinuated that the incident didn’t matter, because Puerto Ricans weren’t […]

Oregon Man Claims He Killed a Black Teen in Self-Defense. An Autopsy Suggests Otherwise.

“The only thing that caused this murder was suspect’s actions, 100 percent. It is completely immaterial what led up to it,” Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara said in a Thursday statement. “Yes, there was an argument over music, no, this did not happen because of loud music, it happened because the suspect chose to bring […]

‘I was trying to put on a brave face but I was struggling’: Alex Scott candidly discusses being trolled online as she fills in for Alex Jones on The One Show

‘I want to take that stigma away from it. Now when I talk about mental health, straight away I’m smiling because I know what it’s done for me to leave that place. I’m content. I’m happy, and I’ve used the tools that I’ve learned to be in that place.’  

Video of French Police Beating Black Man Watched 14 Million Times, as Macron Plans Footage Clampdown

Critics have accused Darmanin of pandering to supporters of far-right politician Marine Le Pen, a fact that may undermine confidence in his ability to deal with this incident. However, he called the beating of Zecler “unspeakable, shocking” and reports suggest Macron has “seen red” over the video.

Farmers fight back: Calls for Australia to stage a ‘formal protest’ against Beijing after another round of crippling trade tariffs in petulant payback over covid inquiry – as Penfolds faces massive profit plunge

April 26: Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye hints at a boycott of Australian wine and beef and says tourists and students might avoid Australia ‘while it’s not so friendly to China’. Canberra dismisses the threat and warns Beijing against ‘economic coercion’. 

For Black workers, an unwelcome workplace focus on their hair

As high-profile corporations such as Nike and Twitter publicly denounce racism following the Black Lives Matter protests, companies are also looking to update their internal policies and weed out anti-bias language, said Drexel University law professor Wendy Greene. UPS welcoming natural hair is just one example of that, she said. 

California moves toward policing changes, but activists hoped for far more

After the Legislature’s session ended in August, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, affirmed her commitment to working on the decertification bill next year. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood (Los Angeles County), created a committee to develop “meaningful changes to policing in California.” But activists expressed little optimism that legislators would put forward […]

Four French police officers are charged with vicious beating of black music producer that was caught on camera and sparked days of rioting

The controversy over the law and police violence is developing into another crisis for the government as President Emmanuel Macron confronts the pandemic, its economic fallout and a host of problems on the international stage.

Policy center calls for new lawmakers to make diverse hires

“We encourage you to prioritize racial diversity in your hiring, particularly among your personal office top staff (e.g., chief of staff, legislative director, and communications director) and mid-level staff (e.g., legislative assistant, counsel, policy advisor, press secretary, and administrative director),” the Nov. 20 letters read.