Louisville mayor declares racism a public health crisis

The mayor’s office on Tuesday announced a slate of projects and initiatives within each of the categories, ranging from recruiting “a police chief to build a culture of guardianship and corresponding budget reallocation” for city law enforcement to assisting Black-owned businesses and providing additional COVID-19 “testing in the Black community.”

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Rocked by Racism Claims

PPPA is Planned Parenthood’s advocacy and outreach arm in Pennsylvania, which coordinates with the states’ 20 clinics to raise public awareness of reproductive rights issues and push its legislative agenda. The group has organized rallies against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and in favor of counting every vote in this month’s election. […]

VNA wins Gold Prize for anti-fake news programme

The project, called “The fight against fake news – Innovative ideas and effective solutions”, includes three components: an anti-fake news song in 15 languages, a Factcheckvn account on TikTok aimed at young people, and a project “Say No to Fake News” to train students how to prevent fake news from elementary to high school. The programme has been implemented in […]

Video of French Police Beating Black Man Watched 14 Million Times, as Macron Plans Footage Clampdown

“The images we have all seen of the aggression against Michel Zecler are unacceptable, they are shameful for all of us. France should never allow violence or brutality, no matter who it comes from. France should never let hate or racism prosper,” Macron said in a statement on Facebook.

Oregon Man Claims He Killed a Black Teen in Self-Defense. An Autopsy Suggests Otherwise.

“To be clear, Aidan was murdered because he was a young black person who made a white man uncomfortable and refused to submit to that man’s personally perceived authority—not because he was listening to music too loudly,” the Southern Oregon Black Leaders, Activists and Community Coalition said in a statement. “Aidan’s murder isn’t a Black […]

‘Let blind custom be buried’

One of the early publications of Periyar’s rationalistic Self-Respect Movement was a selection of Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal’s poems. Vallalar’s radical denouncement, ‘Let blind custom be buried in the earth’ figured prominently in the book. Tamil translations of Bhagat Singh’s Why I am an Atheist and Lenin’s On Religion too came out from Periyar’s press.

‘I was trying to put on a brave face but I was struggling’: Alex Scott candidly discusses being trolled online as she fills in for Alex Jones on The One Show

‘I want to take that stigma away from it. Now when I talk about mental health, straight away I’m smiling because I know what it’s done for me to leave that place. I’m content. I’m happy, and I’ve used the tools that I’ve learned to be in that place.’  

Four French police officers are charged with vicious beating of black music producer that was caught on camera and sparked days of rioting

The controversy over the law and police violence is developing into another crisis for the government as President Emmanuel Macron confronts the pandemic, its economic fallout and a host of problems on the international stage.

New York Young Republicans Flirt With the Racist Right

The invitation was no aberration. Past speakers include Jack Posobiec, the Trumpist conspiracist who once tweeted the white supremacist code “1488”—the ADL explains that the “14” is “shorthand” for the 14-word white supremacist mantra: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” while “88” “stands for “Heil Hitler” (H […]

Farmers fight back: Calls for Australia to stage a ‘formal protest’ against Beijing after another round of crippling trade tariffs in petulant payback over covid inquiry – as Penfolds faces massive profit plunge

May 18: The World Health Organization backs a partial investigation into the pandemic, but China says it is a ‘joke’ for Australia to claim credit. The same day, China imposes an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley. Australia says it may challenge this at the WTO.