From Netflix to Amazon Prime, our lowdown on which telly streaming services are best for lockdown

Is it for you?: Millennials, Generation X and Boomers can all find favourites from their childhood, with titles such as Mrs Doubtfire, Bedknobs And Broomsticks and The Jungle Book.

Glow: Netflix’s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is full of rich and relatable stories – and big 80s hair

One of the greatest challenges of managing diversity on-screen is to do it effortlessly, and deliver nuanced, authentic portrayals. We are at once asked to accept that race, sexuality and anything that separates us from mainstream norms should not matter, while at the same time to lean into these very aspects of ourselves and perform […]

How to Kick People Off Your Netflix Account

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New Jurassic World set photo teases how Dominion ties into the original trilogy

Whatever’s in the box, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Dominion is going to be a treat for Jurassic fans new and old. Plus, there’s even an animated Netflix series – Camp Cretaceous – that will fill in some of the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Once more, it seems, the dinos are taking over.

Netflix’s World’s Most Wanted: true crime docu-series leaves fans in shock

The true-crime programme focuses on five different individuals and the intricacies of the horrific crimes they are suspected to have committed. The episodes also detail how each suspect has escaped justice by fleeing the crime scene and country. Episode one tells the story behind the Mexican drug cartels, thought to be run by El Mayo. […]

UK fintech star WorldRemit transfers in Corcoran as new boss

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An original Jurassic Park character is back (and has been recast) in Jurassic World 3: Dominion

Scott will play Lewis Dodgson, the mysterious man in Jurassic Park who gives Dennis Nedry the fake can of Barbasol to store the stolen dinosaur embryos, Collider reports. The stranger in a red shirt left us with countless questions all those years ago, and it’s looking like we finally might get some answers. In the […]

BBC promotes marketing exec to top job as it braces for uncertain future

The government may choose to decriminalize not paying the license fee as soon as 2022. It could then choose to scrap the fee entirely in 2027 when the Royal Charter — the contract with the government that determines how the BBC is funded and run — is up for renewal.

Cocktails at the zoo a trend in parenting?

I suspect the zoo has the very best of intentions in offering drinks to grown-ups. The San Francisco Zoo is a beloved world-class facility and a city treasure. This temporary booze bar is simply an example of a larger trend in which parenthood now comes with a cocktail menu. There’s an expectation that if I […]

Hilary Swank Leaves Her Family Behind to Lead Mission to Mars in ‘Away’ Trailer

The show will mix tense outer space adventure and fraught family drama, as Swank’s character, Emma Green, grapples with the decision to embark on a three-year journey that forces her to leave behind her 15-year-old daughter, Lex (Talitha Bateman) and husband, Matt (Josh Charles), a NASA engineer also involved with the mission on Earth. As […]