My Apple Watch saved my life: 5 people share their stories

Kometiani made a conscious effort to close his move ring — the red circle on the Watch that indicates calories burned — every day, and he started paying attention to the exercise challenges that would pop up on his screen. The day after a tough workout for example, the Apple Watch would push him to […]

WWDC 2020: Huge iPhone iOS 14 update lets you TEXT your car key to pals – and speak in other languages

“Students are an integral part of the Apple developer community, and last year WWDC saw attendance from more than 350 student developers spanning 37 different countries,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

iPhone homescreen gets HUGE makeover in iOS 14 – and fans are totally divided over whether it’s ‘ugly’

Eventually, the feature will let you enter your car without even taking your iPhone out of your pocket, just because the car knows the handset is nearby.

LibreOffice 7: Now more Microsoft-compatible — and still free

Given a choice between Office 2019 and the just-released LibreOffice 7.0, your pick should be open-source’s top office suite LibreOffice. After all, as Jared Spataro, then Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Office and Windows group, said, Office 2019’s applications are “frozen in time. They don’t ever get updated with new features.” Of course, what Spataro wants […]

The Battle for Your Living Room Has Begun

With Android, Google has built a foundation of connected software for all these apps. On SHIELD, Android TV’s advanced voice recognition capabilities — already fine-tuned by input from millions of smartphone users — serve up the content you want. No need to fumble with a clumsy on-screen keyboard. Even more futuristic: SHIELD lets users select […]

Sony Xperia S review

The software on the Xperia S is disappointing less for what it is than for what it isn’tA positive new change Sony has made with the Xperia S is the updated lockscreen notification area, where unread texts and missed calls can be opened up directly with a swipe to the right. The iconography used for […]