Facebook says Apple’s 30% cut is hindering its plans to help SMBs generate revenue online

Facebook said that Apple refused to waive off the 30 percent App Store fee and also denied the company from using its own payments processing system. This, in turn, would mean that page owners and event creators who use the iOS app would only make 70 percent of the total revenue they earn.

Does Google really want third-party app stores on Android or are they a ‘necessary evil’?

Google has eliminated competition in the distribution of Android apps using myriad contractual and technical barriers. Google’s actions force app developers and consumers into Google’s own monopolized “app store”—the GooglePlay Store. Google has thus installed itself as an unavoidable middleman for app developers who wish to reach Android users and vice versa. Google uses this […]

Apple stumbled into a war with the gaming industry, and the future of iOS is at stake

In many ways, this is yet another chapter in the ongoing Apple antitrust saga. Critics, regulators, and developers are more concerned than ever that Apple is exerting undue influence over the app makers on its platform, even as it builds its own products and services that compete with those of its developers. Apple has the […]

Best laptop under $500 of 2020 in stock from HP, Lenovo, Dell and more

A bright spot is you don’t have to settle for a traditional clamshell laptop with a fixed display and keyboard. You can also get a convertible (otherwise known as a two-in-one, a laptop with a screen that flips around to turn the screen into a tablet, to position it for comfortable streaming or to do […]

Coronavirus: 102 Jet2 pilots to be made redundant, union says

More from UK Charles leads tributes to ‘forgotten army’ on 75th anniversary of VJ Day UK weather: Thunderstorms and downpours to cause travel disruption this weekend Coronavirus: Debenhams owners draw up plan for department store chain’s liquidation Climbdown on A-levels as government agrees to pay for appeals against downgraded results Coronavirus lockdown: Theatres, casinos and […]