Scottish Highers and GCSEs: What to do if you don’t get the exam results you need

There is no option to appeal if students feel they would have done better by sitting an exam, as, ofqual believes, no one is better placed than a student’s teachers to judge their likely grade if exams had taken place.

Coronavirus: Teachers told to assess what GCSE and A-Level marks pupils would have got

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Coronavirus: GCSE and A-level pupils can sit exams if they don’t like coursework grade

He said: “We are concerned about how schools and colleges will be able to accommodate and manage a full suite of autumn exams alongside the huge challenge of bringing all their pupils back in September, identifying learning gaps, and putting catch-up support in place.

Sheep rustling rise could threaten human health as rural crime increases during coronavirus pandemic

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Step away from the keypad! From brutal putdowns to awkward typos, these texting fails prove that sometimes it’s better to call

Divine intervention: This person decided to have a bit of a joke with someone who texted him by mistake. He was asked if there was ‘any word on the Moses’s case’ and replied: ‘He successfully parted the Red Sea’

Délicieuse! M&S launches range from French gourmet frozen food brand Picard including brioche, French bread and mini croque monsieurs – and prices start at just £1.50

All Picard products at M&S will be in French packaging but translated to English on the back of packs to provide a clear description, ingredients, allergens, cooking instructions and nutritional information.

Google buys $450 million stake in ADT to fortify Nest

The deal also provided a lift for ADT’s stock, which had been trading well below the $14 price set in an initial price offering in January 2018. At one point earlier this year, the shares dropped below $4. The stock soared 60% to $13.81 in Monday’s early afternoon.

George Washington statue toppled by protesters in Portland, Oregon

Thursday’s events followed a peaceful march on Wednesday in which a large crowd walked through the streets of downtown Portland — eventually ending up in the Pearl District, where they tried to set up a so-called “autonomous zone” outside Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence.

Doubts remain in Egypt despite Sisi’s action against sexual harassment

Yet on Wednesday, three days after his inauguration, Sisi was photographed apologising to a 19-year-old woman who was filmed being stripped and attacked by a mob during last Sunday’s rally to celebrate his own election. It was of several public interventions Sisi made this week amid an unexpected national debate about Egypt’s sexual violence and […]

Coronavirus: ‘I’m sad or down most days’ – the devastating impact of lockdown on mental health

The lack of human contact has ushered in extreme depression, which has been compounded by financial problems. Although he’s self-employed, he doesn’t qualify for the government support scheme. Without any savings to fall back on, he recently started visiting food banks.