How WeChat ban may be a big reason to worry for Apple

Apple iPhone sales in China may take a major hit if Apple is forced to remove WeChat from the App Store according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning US companies from doing business with WeChat. This could mean that Apple may have to remove WeChat from the […]

Moment megaphone wielding anti-mask activists storm Morrison’s and demand shoppers ‘resist the new world order’ and take off their face-coverings that are ‘so bad’ for them

The video was posted on the group’s Twitter account, alongside the cation: ‘On our London protest in Peckham Rye yesterday we took a detour to Morrisons to wake up the shoppers #londonprotest #peckhamrye #morrisons #nomasks #awake #HumanRights #freedom #covid #Police #media #Plandemic #Plandemic2020.’

An original Jurassic Park character is back (and has been recast) in Jurassic World 3: Dominion

By the end of the last Jurassic World movie, Fallen Kingdom, Dr Henry Wu had evacuated his laboratory with the dinosaur eggs and embryos, after the trafficking of live dinos had gone horribly wrong. Maybe he took those samples straight to Biosyn Genetics. We also know now that Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum […]

World’s last male northern white rhino dies

“The only hope for the preservation of this subspecies now lies in developing in vitro fertilization techniques using eggs from the two remaining females, stored northern white rhino semen from males and surrogate southern white rhino females,” it said.

Beirut blast: judge questions security chiefs as third minister resigns

The explosion is believed to have been caused by a fire that ignited a stockpile of explosive material that had been stored at the port since 2013. The disaster has been widely blamed on years of corruption and neglect by the entrenched political leadership that has governed Lebanon since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Media Mogul Who Met With Pompeo and Pence, Arrested for ‘Collusion With Foreign Forces’

Jimmy Lai, a media mogul who owns the broadsheet met with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington to discuss the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy and an extradition bill that drew massive protests. In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party and its proxies in Hong Kong, that counts […]

Greek rescue workers search for survivors after deadly flash floods

Heavy rain started falling at about midnight Saturday and firefighters responded to over 50 fires caused by lightning. By late afternoon on Sunday, 97 people had been safely evacuated from their homes and cars, 30 of them by helicopter, and more than 600 homes had been drained of flood waters, the fire service said.

‘Pure Criminality:’ 13 Cops Hurt During Retaliation Looting

Police said the shooting happened on Lake Street near Michigan Avenue as officers attempted to arrest a person who was carrying a cash register. The gunshots prompted officers to return fire. No officers were hurt, Ahern said, but it was unknown if anyone in the shooter’s car was hit.

Hong Kong’s Last British Governor: Jimmy Lai Arrest ‘Most Outrageous Assault Yet’ on Hong Kong’s Free Press

“This is the most outrageous assault yet on what is left of Hong Kong’s free press. It will cause considerable anxiety to all who consider freedom of opinion and freedom of the press to be essential for Hong Kong’s survival as an international financial hub. The arrests will be regarded by a growing number of […]

Hong Kong police raid on newspaper filmed in real time as China flexes muscles

“This is, I believe, the first time in Hong Kong that police have initiated a mass search on a media outlet like this,” he said, panting, as he scaled a back staircase with a colleague to get around the mass of police officers.